A pillow in the solar? The practice is not as effective as you suppose; I understand

Putting your pillow in the solar to kill mud mites and fungus is, let’s say, a practice handed down from era to era—you in all probability bear in mind the first time your mother or another person taught you the cleansing tactic. However, in response to Dr. Ana Carolina Della Bianca, specialist of the Brazilian Association of Allergy and Immunology (ASBAI), the response of the practice executed in the unsuitable manner can have a very reverse end result, with a rise in microorganisms.

“With pillows, the mites and micro-organisms are inside, not on the floor. If the pillow is uncovered to the solar, it heats up from the inside, which is often moist, stuffed with pores and skin scraps and serves as meals for the mites. An improve in temperature favors the elevated copy of mites, as effectively as fungi and micro organism. Therefore, the ultimate is to all the time ventilate and ventilate the cushion protected by a canopy, all the time with oblique mild“, he explains.


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House mud mites are liable for inflicting varied allergic ailments such as rhinitis, bronchial asthma, allergic conjunctivitis and atopic dermatitis. They survive in mattresses, carpets, pillows, sofas, plush and bedding, ideally in moist environments. They feed on the desquamation of human and animal pores and skin and are able to multiplying quickly after they discover favorable situations.

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“After two years of use, 10 to 25 % of a pillow’s weight will be made up of mud mites and useless pores and skin cells. In addition, mite excrement and useless mites are dispersed right into a wonderful mud that may simply be inhaled and trigger allergy symptoms.”

Below, the specialist gave some tricks to shield in opposition to mites and allergy symptoms brought on by them:

  • For these allergic to mud mites, it is crucial to make use of protecting pillow and mattress covers to keep away from additional contamination by mud mites, fungi and micro organism. Covers ought to be washed each 3-4 weeks;
  • If it is crucial to scrub the pillow, this could solely be executed if it is doable to dry it fully, ideally in specialised laundromats that strictly observe the washing directions. Machines for dwelling use might not supply the crucial efficiency for full drying;
  • Ideally, the pillow ought to be changed each two years;
  • Always depart the room effectively ventilated and lighted;
  • Addressing infiltrations or different causes of moisture in the bed room is important to cut back the unfold of mites;
  • Avoid sweeping and dusting furnishings throughout cleansing, preferring to make use of damp cloths, stopping the mites from hanging and deciding on clear sheets and pillowcases.

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