A woman goes to a hospital in Rio to give birth and her arm is amputated

A 24-year-old woman went to the hospital to give birth and had her left arm and wrist amputated. The household says they do not know what occurred and are demanding a response from the well being unit.

“It was a new starting for me. Because I’m remaking myself. I’ve had my arm for twenty-four years. I simply went to give birth and got here again with out her, it was a bit unusual for me. For everybody,” mentioned the woman, who declined anonymity.

The info is from the G1 portal.

The woman was 39 weeks pregnant when she was admitted to the Hospital da Mulher Intermédica de Jacarepaguá, in the western zone of Rio de Janeiro, on October 9 final 12 months. The child was born the subsequent day, in a regular supply, weighing simply over 3 kg.

The affected person had a postpartum hemorrhage. According to the family of the younger woman, due to the complication, the medical doctors determined to create a venous entry in her arm to introduce the drugs. But in the course of the process, the younger woman reported that she started to really feel extreme ache and discomfort in the limb.

Soon after, the hand grew to become purple and swollen. The younger woman’s well being worsened and the medical doctors determined to switch her to one other hospital of the identical community, in São Gonzalo, in the capital area.

Three days after the newborn was born, she and her household acquired the information that the woman would have to have her arm amputated.

Away from the newborn, the woman spent 17 days in hospital. To this present day, the household is nonetheless searching for solutions from the hospital and making an attempt to determine what occurred.

The affected person states that she is affected by the implications of the amputation.

“I missed the chance to see my son in the early days. To breastfeed. My breast has been giving milk for 3 days, nevertheless it’s as if I had a miscarriage,” the affected person added.

The lawyer dealing with the case claims she has already filed a lawsuit towards the well being unit.

The affected person is making an attempt to adapt to the brand new actuality in order to deal with her three youngsters.

“I can not bathe my child. I could not breastfeed my child. There are issues I can not do with him that I had already performed with my different two youngsters,” mentioned the younger woman.

What do the hospital say?

In a assertion, the Intermedical Women’s Hospital of Jacarepaguá mentioned it sympathizes with the sufferer and regrets what occurred. The division additionally mentioned it might examine the case and the procedures adopted whereas caring for the younger woman and mentioned it might be obtainable for clarification.

The civil police knowledgeable that the case has been registered with the forty first DP (Tank) as intentional bodily hurt, that they’re interviewing witnesses and have requested medical paperwork to help the investigation.


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