Abel Ferreira is the most fired coach in Brazil. And no one blames their swearing, the lack of control in Palmeiras. The titles are on the shield – Prism

Sao Paulo Brazil

30 yellow playing cards.

Five expulsions.

No Palmeiras participant has acquired as many bookings as Abel Ferreira in the identical interval of time.

In reality, from October 30, 2020 to September 2022, no different coach in Brazil has been warned and suspended like him.

The coach assumes he is fully modified when he begins a match he is working on. To the level of not eager to congratulate the opposing coach.

“Usually I do not congratulate the coach, it would not make me higher or worse. It comes from eternity. I really feel that if I’m going to greet the opponent, I really feel much less highly effective.

“I need to beat my opponent.

“I do not need to make pals. That appears to melt me up.

“Praise makes me delicate, I do not need reward, I need criticism.”

“I do not need folks to speak properly about my work. I do not assume so. I’ve to really feel tense and nervous, it makes me aggressive.

“If I’m going to congratulate my opponent, it takes away my power.

– I don’t want.

This belligerent state goes so far as the perspective it reserves for the referees when it disagrees with the referees’ selections.

Wilton Pereira’s abstract of Abel’s sacking from basic Palmeiras e Santos is chilling.

“I used to be despatched off because of this of the second yellow card after I used to be knowledgeable by assistant 1 Bruno Bosquiglia that the aforementioned coach walked in the direction of him, insulting and repeatedly shouting the following phrases: “all the pieces is in opposition to us man…, I all the time doubt in opposition to us man…”

“I’m informing you that the coach, after being ejected, got here again rudely and insultingly to assistant 1, uttering the following phrases: ‘Go away…actually man…you are a shame. Everything in opposition to us man…,” the decide wrote on the abstract.

The awkward scenario will solely be resolved if Abel Ferreira decides.

As a outcome of his work and his agency stance, there is no supervisor to cowl aggressive conduct.

Even President Leila Pereira.

It defends autonomy, the coach’s personal consciousness of behave throughout matches.

CEO Anderson de Barros a lot much less so.

Players do not even dare to reply after they are accused of sending offs.

Like not too long ago Danilo, twice and Gustavo Scarpa.

The Portuguese has all the time had a cantankerous mood, aggressive to the restrict, ever since the starting of his teaching profession. Still in Portugal. It was the identical in Greece.

Your persona modifications when the recreation begins.

Peace is gone.

And it solely comes again at the finish of the recreation.

He would not assume of looking for psychological assist.

Abel believes this competitiveness is what makes a winner.

This “competitiveness” contains swearing at the judges.

Yellow and pink playing cards.

And no one will query the coach.

The two-time championship trophies adopted by the Libertadores, Copa do Brasil, Recopa Sul-Americana, Campeonato Paulista and the most seemingly conquest of the Brazilian silence the calls for.

Abel will proceed with a cool head and a heat coronary heart, in the guide’s title alone.

Because when the recreation begins, he has all the pieces.

Minus the chilly head…

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