Allergy after cosmetic procedure leaves young woman swollen: ‘a lot of ache’

A 20-year-old woman ended up within the hospital in Palmas (Torosia) after a extreme allergic response to the fabric utilized in a cosmetic procedure.

The case was registered on Thursday (2), when Isis de Oliveira went to an aesthetic clinic to right a procedure she had already finished.

“I had a hyaluronic acid lip filler put in and there was extra product on the higher proper facet of my lip. With this distinction, I needed to right it with hyaluronidase, which prompted my allergy,” explains the young woman in an interview with UOL.

The hyaluronidase utilized in Isis is a kind of enzyme used to dissolve injection fluids. It is usually used to “repair” flaws in cosmetic procedures.

According to her, the second the product was utilized to her mouth, she began to really feel a robust burning sensation. Within minutes his face started to swell and inside an hour he was unrecognizable.

“I felt a lot of redness, ache and itching. I despatched an image to my mum and he or she stated ‘let’s go to the hospital, this isn’t regular’. The clinic stated the product causes swelling, which is regular, so at first I believed it is regular however [o inchaço] began climbing up the remainder of the face,” he remembers.

Upon admission to the well being division, the young woman was given precedence care, she was given adrenaline, anti-allergic and corticosteroid injections. The swelling lasted about 4 days and on Monday (5) Isis’s face returned to regular.

@isispolivx hello guys, you do not have to be afraid of an aesthetic procedure, simply watch out with the merchandise you utilize, this was already the third time I had lip fillers, however as a result of of one facet that bought crooked and I needed to right it, i had to make use of this product which prompted me this extreme allergy. we had already tried different correction strategies the place it was crooked, with modeling therapeutic massage, squeezing the product and it did not work. this was the final case and that i had this atypical response, i hope it will get higher quickly and i do not scare anybody. #esthetic procedures #deuerrado #hyaluronidase #dermatology #allergy #allergic response? Horror, Suspense, Weirdness, Ghost, UFO – Zassh

As a warning, the young woman revealed her account on social networks. In simply over per week, the video reached 1.4 million views on TikTok.

“I made the video with the intention of warning individuals even when they knew the allergenic potential of the product. I hope that nobody has to undergo what I went via to know that we will have this response,” he stated.

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