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On this World Alzheimer’s Day and National Alzheimer’s Awareness Day, it’s important to discuss the traits of this situation, which causes progressive reminiscence loss and nonetheless has no treatment.

In Brazil, in accordance to an estimate made by Abraz (Brazilian Alzheimer’s Association), there are 1.2 million circumstances nationally, most of them undiagnosed.

When we contemplate dementia on the whole, a examine printed in the Brazilian Journal of Epidemiology in 2021 and carried out by scientists from UFPel (Federal University of Pelotas), UFRGS (Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul) and the University of Queensland discovered that about 1 million Brazilians endure from dementia and most of them have Alzheimer’s.

According to researchers’ predictions, 30 years in the past there have been 500,000 Brazilians, and in 30 years they are going to be 4 million.

Worldwide, in accordance to estimates by Alzheimer’s Disease International, the quantity of sufferers with the disease reaches 50 million and should attain the mark of 74.7 million in 2030 and 131.5 million in 2050, due to the ageing of the inhabitants and the enhance in in the quantity of occasions in low- and center-earnings international locations, for instance.

Because there are a number of circumstances and customary causes of Alzheimer’s disease, figuring out the signs and risk factors of the disease could make the distinction for early analysis.

What is Alzheimer’s?

First described in 1906 by the German doctor Alois Alzheimer, this “neurodegenerative” disease leads to a progressive deterioration of cognitive skills till the affected person loses his autonomy.

Symptoms embody: frequent forgetfulness, issues with orientation, problems of govt perform (planning, organizing, time administration, summary ideas) or language problems.

Alzheimer’s disease and dementia are already amongst the main causes of incapacity and dependency amongst the aged.

What are the causes?

Although Alzheimer’s disease is the commonest dementia, its causes and precise mechanisms are nonetheless largely unknown.

However, two phenomena are constantly discovered amongst Alzheimer’s sufferers. On the one hand, the formation of plaques referred to as amyloid proteins that compress neurons and destroy them. On the different hand, a second kind of protein often called Tau, current in neurons, accumulates in sufferers and in addition causes the demise of affected cells.

However, it isn’t clear what the relationship between these two phenomena is. It can be not identified what causes its look and to what extent they clarify the disease.

The lengthy-standing assumption that the formation of amyloid plaques is all the time a set off of the disease and never a consequence of different mechanisms is more and more being questioned.

A examine carried out by the University of Coimbra, Portugal, additionally printed in August this yr recognized an space of ​​the human mind as the space the place the first modifications attributable to Alzheimer’s happen and characterizes the disease in seven phases, one of the first of which is the forgetting of fundamental knowledge corresponding to names.

Risk factors

According to Inserm (National Institute for Health and Medical Research) in France, the most important risk issue is age: the chance of contracting Alzheimer’s will increase from the age of 65 and shoots up after the age of 80.

When uncontrolled in center age, cardiovascular risk factors corresponding to diabetes and hypertension are additionally related to a better incidence of the disease, though the mechanisms will not be but identified.

A sedentary way of life is one other risk issue, as are microcranial accidents seen in some athletes, corresponding to boxers.

In the wrong way, coaching and stimulating skilled exercise, in addition to an energetic social life, appear to delay the onset of the first signs and their severity.

In these circumstances, the mind takes benefit of a “cognitive reserve” that enables it to compensate, not less than for some time, for the perform of misplaced neurons. This impact can be associated to mind plasticity, that’s, the mind’s skill to adapt.

In addition, training cardio bodily actions, corresponding to operating, swimming, biking and dancing, and sustaining systolic blood stress under 130 mmHg additionally assist management risk factors for the disease.

drug remedy

Despite a long time of analysis, no remedy at present can treatment and even forestall it. This is essentially due to the difficulties to find the triggering factors of the disease.

The main advance 20 years in the past was a remedy from the American laboratory Biogen that focused amyloid proteins. It received some outcomes and was permitted for sure circumstances by the US authorities. However, its results are restricted and its therapeutic curiosity is debated.

Proper care helps the life of the caregiver and the particular person with Alzheimer’s


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