Anvisa has published a new list of ointments suspended due to suspicion of causing blindness

The National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) has published a new list to droop, ban the manufacturing and sale of hair ointments suspected of causing blindness in customers.

Previously, Anvisa had already revealed seven ointments whose commercialization and manufacturing had been stopped due to non-compliance with well being requirements.


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According to the company, these merchandise are underneath investigation due to stories from shoppers who say they had been harmed after utilizing the ointments. In some instances, the use of ointments causes short-term blindness in customers.

Check out the list of ointments suspended by the company final Thursday (19):

  • Hair Ointment Conditioning Modeling Fixer Studio Hair Braids | Brand: Muriel (Empresa Beauty Lab do Brasil Ltda)
  • Hair Ointment Conditioning Modeling Fixer Studio Hair Wavy | Brand: Muriel (Empresa Beauty Lab do Brasil Ltda)
  • Modeling Hair Ointment for Braids Studio | Brand: Muriel (Empresa Beauty Lab do Brasil Ltda)
  • Colorless hair ointment Elfa | Brand: Elfa (Company Exat Bel Indústria e Comércio de Cosméticos Ltda Me)

See the list of launched ointments (17):

  • Modeling ointment for braids Anti-frizz Be Black (Company Cosmetic Group Indústria e Comércio de Cosméticos Eireli);
  • Black Ointment – Essenza Hair and Modeling Ointment for Boxbraids Braids – mounted liss (Company Evolution Industry of Cosmetics);
  • Hair ointment for braids (Company Galore Indústria e Comércio de Cosmético Eireli);
  • Cassu Braids Pomade Cassulinha Hair and Braids Pomade Powerful Braids Magic Sponge, (Company Microfarma Indústria e Comércio);
  • Rosa Hair Modeling Ointment Mega Fixation 150g, (Company Morandini Indústria e Comércio de Cosméticos);
  • Modeling ointment Master Fix Black Being a Woman, (Company Supernova Industry, Commerce and Services).

According to Anvisa, the choice to cease manufacturing and sale of merchandise is a precautionary measure aimed toward defending the well being of the inhabitants.

The company recommends that if the patron has bought these merchandise, they need to not use them and make contact with the corporate that offered them to examine the chance of a return.

If the consumer has used the product, the advice is to clear the hair. In case of impact from the use of ointments, the information, of course, search medical assist.

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