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Atlético-MG will have a new chairman of the advisory board from October 3. He will be Ricardo Guimarães, an incredible emeritus advisor and former government president of the membership (2001/2006). There remains to be a protocol path, however the businessman registered his ticket this Monday, the deadline for the course of.

Renato Salvador will be the deputy of the Council. It was the solely registered ticket to elect a new president and vice president of the Advisory Board of Atlético-MG. The deadline is 6pm on Monday. Therefore, Ricardo Guimarães will be welcomed as the new presidentfor an preliminary interval of three years (till October 2025).

Both are members of the collegiate physique, the group that governs Gallo, made up of membership president Sergio Coelho, vice-president Jose Murillo Procopio and the different parts of the so-called ‘4 R’s, Rafael Menin and Rubens Menin.

Ricardo Guimaraes and Renato Salvador will succeed Castellar Guimaraes Filho and Rafael Menin, the present President and Vice President of the Board.

Renato Salvador and Ricardo Guimarães, candidates for the command of the Atlético-MG board — Photo: Pedro Souza / Atlético-MG

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Ricardo Guimarães was Atlético’s president between 2001 and 2006. Renato Salvador was additionally vice president in 2000. It will be as much as the duo to carry vital discussions and votes on the membership’s future, such as the SAF, statute reform and 2023

Atlético’s advisory board will maintain a daily assembly on September 26, subsequent Monday, to swear in the newly elected councilors (150 names). The different second is the appointment of Ricardo Guimarães as president of the physique. In November, the month the price range is voted on, the Council meets to evaluate Gallo’s adherence to the SAF legislation.

  • Sergio Fischer Teixeira de Souza
  • Daniel da Cunha Messias Roque
  • Fernando Campos Motta
  • Claudia Vieira Vas de Mello
  • Gabriel Guimarães de Andrade
  • Cristina Lima Aro Ferreira

Board of Ethics and Discipline

  • Jorge Berg de Mendonca
  • Marcus Vinicius Fernandez Vieira
  • Flavio de Sousa Franco
  • Alexander Machado Villela
  • Eduardo Fischer Teixeira de Souza
  • Fabio Guimarães de Carvalho
  • Rodrigo Martins de Rezende
  • Marcio de Freitas Fonseca
  • Nelio Brant Magalhaes
  • Jose Murillo de Morais
  • Sergio Souza de Rezende

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Galo na Veia – Atlético-MG Membership Program — Photo: Disclosure

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