BBB: Larissa wants vitamin C to boost immunity, but does it work? – 22.01.2023

In this Sunday X-ray (22), BBB 23 participant Larissa requested the manufacturing of the Vitamin C Program for Immunity.

“If you possibly can, ship me vitamin C as a result of I really feel my immunity could be very low because the first take a look at,” stated the nurse.

But do immunity nutritional vitamins work? It relies upon. If your physique is poor in them, sure, dietary supplements will help regulate and strengthen the immune system.

However, the one manner to discover out is to go to a specialist physician and have a particular take a look at achieved to discover out the degrees of nutritional vitamins and minerals in your physique.

And this is applicable even to those that are consistently in poor health. “Medical analysis is prime as a result of uncontrolled rhinitis, for instance, will be interpreted as recurrent colds,” explains the allergist physician Adriana Azubel Antunes, member of the Scientific Department of Immunodeficiency of Asbay (Brazilian Association of Allergy and Immunology), from Recife.

Among the sought-after dietary supplements for strengthening immunity, nutritional vitamins C and D are at all times probably the most wanted, as well as to the mineral zinc. And there is a purpose for that: all three really contribute to the correct functioning of our defenses.

Reducing the inflammatory course of, which ends with a weakening of the immune response, can be a perform of vitamin C, a strong antioxidant that helps combat free radicals.

Can I take a vitamin “simply in case”? Do not. The advice of specialists is that the addition of any vitamin ought to solely be achieved if an individual really has a deficiency or medical recommendation for it.

Otherwise, it’s a waste of cash as a result of the physique will not reuse or retailer it—it’ll all find yourself in the bathroom on the finish of the day by way of urine or feces.

“Healthy individuals with regular ranges of nutritional vitamins within the blood don’t profit from the ‘additional dose’ of dietary supplements,” assesses Sandra Lucia Fernandez, nutritionist and director of Abran (Brazilian Association of Nutrology).

Vitamins are present in meals. A different weight-reduction plan that offers precedence to pure and recent meals is adequate to fulfill the physique’s wants for nutritional vitamins and minerals. For vitamin C, for instance, a glass of orange juice of 150 ml per day is sufficient to fulfill the physique’s wants.

The greatest BBB can do is reap the benefits of being a frontrunner of the week and eat more healthy to enhance immunity.

*With reference from 27.10.2022.

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