Bolsonaroists ignore the debut and boo Brazilian goals in front of the barracks – 24/11/2022

The clock confirmed precisely 16:00. Cumulonimbus clouds shaped in the sky inland of Sao Paulo and a nice wind moderated the almost 30C warmth in the afternoon. As referee Alireza Faghani signaled the begin of the match between Brazil and Serbia, at the Lusail Stadium, in Qatar, the nationwide anthem started in Jundiai.

But there was no massive display or broadcast of the match and nobody appeared actually in it. This was the starting of one other act of coup in front of the twelfth GAC (Campaign Artillery Group), the place one of the largest Bolsonarist concentrations in the nation continues.

Since October 31 occupying the entrance of the barracks, which is on the facet of the Anhanguera freeway, a whole bunch of folks have utterly ignored the soccer match. Dozens of stands are scattered alongside the sidewalk.

An instance of that is the couple Giovanna and Joaquim, who most popular to not give their final identify. From Bertioga, on the north coast of Sao Paulo, they got here solely to accompany the demonstration that was scheduled for the time of the match.

“We like soccer, we like the nationwide crew. But the Cup is held each 4 years and at this level we desire to assist Brazil,” stated Joaquim. “We wished to remain the evening, nevertheless it will not occur, sadly,” provides the spouse.

They purchased flags to brighten the automobile as an emblem, they are saying, of “the patriotism they present.”

The reporter witnessed the dialog of two hooliganists. One of them had simply arrived at the barracks. “I by no means imagined that I’d be comfortable in opposition to Brazil in soccer,” he stated when he met a colleague. “I noticed lots of determined individuals who wished to go house to see this nonsense,” he added. Interviewed later, he refused to provide his identify.

Criticism flew in all instructions: to the cup itself, to the president of FIFA, who can be “disturbed by the Brazilian boycott of the recreation” (pretend information unfold on social networks), to the gamers “who, after they see that enterprise is tight right here , fleeing overseas’.

“I already wished him to lose in the present day and go away this cup already,” stated a metallurgist named Vanderlei. He additionally refused to provide his final identify when he realized that one of the folks he was speaking to was this reporter. “If I might, I’d keep right here too, however I’ve to work,” he thought earlier than strolling away – apologetically, a uncommon scene at many of the protests.

By the manner, criticism in opposition to the press was additionally fixed. The commonest phrase was: “They hold taking note of this group chasing a ball as an alternative of exhibiting our battle”.

Giovanna and Joaquim left Bertioga, on the north coast of Sao Paulo, to protest the twelfth GAC

Image: Felipe Pereira/UOL

National anthem and prayer

In addition to the hymn, roughly each hour, the group sang the Lord’s Prayer. This is just not a statistic, of course, however there was nearly an equal focus between Evangelicals (maybe a barely larger quantity) and Catholics.

Many stated their faith was “Brazil”, avoiding the actual reply. There was no signal of religion in the tents and even on the floor, solely Brazilian flags and placards with coup messages.

A merchant selling flags in front of the 12th GAC in Jundiaí (SP) - Felipe Pereira/UOL - Felipe Pereira/UOL

A service provider promoting flags in front of the twelfth GAC

Image: Felipe Pereira/UOL

I take advantage of the risk to bill

Adriano Souza, 33, a casual dealer, was working again and forth alongside Avenida 14 de Novembro, which provides entry to the GAC headquarters. “The yellow shirt is gone, solely the blue one stays, measurement L”; “I solely have these three flags”; “Unfortunately I haven’t got it” was what he stated most frequently.

A resident of Carapiquiba, in higher São Paulo, he “goes round the nation” to choose up some cash. After not sleeping for 2 days, he comes from Curitiba, stops in Bras – a standard district for promoting garments and materials in the capital -, repacks his provides and goes to the countryside.

“Today there have been individuals who purchased t-shirts to cheer the Election and additionally who got here to take part in the protest. I come again on Saturday as a result of it is busier right here on the weekend,” he stated as he collected flags. from Portugal and different international locations which can be “caught”.

At that second, a driver passes by and calls out “Do you’ve an Argentine flag?”. “I’ve, worse than I’ve,” he stated, laughing. She can also be caught.

spy cellular phone

During the complete interval of the recreation, some folks even opened their cellphones to test the scoreboard.

There was celebration when Richarlison scored the first aim, 17 minutes into the second half. It was doable to listen to some unfastened firecrackers in comparatively shut quarters. As some requested “what occurred”, boos took over the atmosphere.

In the second, in the twenty eighth minute of the final leg, additionally by Richarlison, the boos bought louder.

At the finish of the match, to the sound of extra fireworks being set off in the metropolis, the nationwide anthem and prayer is heard once more. At each full hour the two songs are chanted by the demonstrators.

Some pundits have been outraged by the outcome, cursing the gamers and repeating the similar traces earlier than the match. Others demonstrated neutrality.

But when the “motto” for assist from the Armed Forces sounded once more, everybody rallied once more. There are few left. Most promise to remain in camp. How lengthy? No one is aware of.

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