Brasileirão clubs have debts to the Union of R$1 billion; see the ranking

The greatest debtors of the union, given the debts present in the session on 23.01.2023.

In complete, the clubs taking part in the 4 sequence of the Brazilian championship in 2023 have open debts to the Federal Union price 1 billion Brazilian reals. More exactly, R$ 1,028,904,605, including tax debts, social safety debts and labor fines that have not been agreed upon, with obligations being fulfilled in default of the clubs. In this case, 58 of the 124 clubs are accountable for this quantity. That is, 46.7% of the contributors – see the ranking under. The numbers of all groups, primarily based on their respective CNPJs, can be found by means of the “Dívida Aberta” software from the Attorney General of the National Treasury (PGFN).

The public session lists all taxpayers with excellent debts to the Union and the FGTS Fund. Today, the membership ranking is “led” by Brasilienze with an unbelievable R$ 383 million, of which R$ 375 million in 45 tax liabilities. The Federal District membership alone has 37.2% of Brasileirão’s excellent debts to the federal authorities. Although it’s comparatively new. Founded on August 1, 2000, it quickly rose to play in the 1st division in 2005. However, it declined. As for present debt, it is like Brasilienze owes 17 million BRL in taxes yearly since its inception.

Regulation shouldn’t be synonymous with zero debt

In the first 12 months of the software, in 2020, the greatest debtor was Cruzeiro with BRL 261 million, however the BH membership signed an settlement with PGFN and obtained concessions on charges, curiosity and fines. It additionally managed to pay R$182 million in installments over 145 months! Back in Serie A in 2023, the membership from Minas Gerais seems to have the highest public debt in the elite, however with an quantity 11 instances decrease than that first request (23 million x 261 million).

That is, the membership’s public debt stays large, however most of it has been ignored by the settlement. Therefore, it can reappear in the in-app test solely in the occasion of a delay. Bearing in thoughts that that is solely half of Cruzeiro’s liabilities. In complete, the fox that grew to become the Anonymous Football Society (SAF) owes R$1 billion. The case of Cruzeiro a União additionally explains the reservations about the ranking raised by the weblog.

The 66 Brasileirão clubs with no energetic debt to the authorities are described in the official submitting as “enterprises in good standing in the PGFN”. This doesn’t essentially imply that they’re “zero” in debt, as the request doesn’t checklist installment debts, assured or with deferred flexibility, as is the case with Cruzeiro now.

Trio do Recife elevated the debt

In reality, most clubs are nonetheless in debt, however no less than they’re taking a look at debt in a extra accountable manner. And that is the place the iron trio of Recife is available in with R$ 273 million in default debts in 525 instances cited by the authorities, of which 113 million in Sport (117 debts), 89 million in Náutico (199 debts) and 70 million in Santa ( 209 debits). From 2022 to 2023 alone, the debt of the trio elevated by R$ 39 million, with +19 million in rubro-negro, +7 million in alvirrubro and +13 thousand in tricolor. Apparently it has been ignored for years by administration. One hour the invoice arrives.

In addition to the 124 clubs ranked in the BR, I additionally consulted information from different skilled groups with nationwide traditions, however that are out of the competitors this 12 months. In complete, there have been nearly 150 consultations, reaching nearly BRL 1.2 billion. Two of these clubs under Serie D, Portuguesa and São Caetano, entered the prime ten amongst the greatest debtors of the Federal Union, which now begins a brand new presidential cycle in the nation, with Lula.

The largest “open debts” to the Union

1st) BRL 383 756 924 – Brasilienze (DF), Serie D
2nd) BRL 170 214 220 – Guarani (SP), Serie B
3) BRL 118 704 472 – Portuguese (SP)*
4th) BRL 113 094 645 – Sport (PE), Serie B
fifth) BRL 89,672,827 – Marine (PE), Series C
sixth) BRL 70,313,125 – Santa Cruz (PE), Serie D
seventh) BRL 31,819,543 – Avai (SC), Series B
eighth) BRL 23,575,717 – Cruzeiro (MG), Serie A
9) BRL 23,474,733 – São Caetano (SP)*
tenth) BRL 22,688,517 – Villa Nova (GO), Series B
* No nationwide division in 2023

Now the full checklist of debtors in the 4 divisions for 2023. The accrued debt to the Federal Union is as follows: Series A 65.4 million, Series B 357.5 million, Series C 109.9 million and Series D 495.9 million. From the earlier checklist, the greatest agreements between discharges and contributions had been made by Vasco (-187 miles), Figueres (-56 miles), Fluminense (-38 miles), Botafogo (-35 miles), Vitoria (-23 miles) , Paysandu (-11 miles), Corinthians (-6 miles) and Sao Paulo (-5 miles).

Open Debts in Series A 2023

1st) BRL 23,575,717 – Cruzeiro (MG)
2) BRL 18,218,673 – America (MG)
3) BRL 10,719,514 – Vasco (RJ)
4th) BRL 9,403,732 – Palmeiras (SP)
fifth) BRL 2,758,726 – Botafogo (RJ)
sixth) BRL 715 363 – Bahia (BA)
seventh) BRL 20,569 – Fluminense (RJ)

12 clubs in an everyday scenario in the 1st division: Atlético (PR), Atlético (MG), Bragantino (SP), Corinthians (SP), Cuiaba (MT), Flamengo (RJ), Fortaleza (CE), Goyas (GO), Gremio (RS), Internacional (RS) , Santos (SP) and Sao Paulo (SP); 1 common membership by means of judicial restoration: Coritiba (PR)

2023 Series B Outstanding Debentures

1) BRL 170 214 220 – Guarani (SP)
2nd) BRL 113 094 645 – Sports (PE)
3) BRL 31 819 543 – Availability (SC)
4) BRL 22 688 517 – Villa Nova (GO)
fifth) BRL 13 325 911 – ABC (RN)
sixth) BRL 5,867,553 – Ponte Preta (SP)
seventh) BRL 649,274 – Chapecoense (South Carolina)
eighth) BRL 248,634 – Atlético (GO)

12 clubs in an everyday scenario in the 2nd division: Botafogo (SP), Ceara (CE), CRB (AL), Criciúma (SC), Ituano (SP), Juventude (RS), Londrina (PR), Mirassol (SP), Novorizontino (SP), Sampaio Corrêa (MA ) ), Tombense (MG) and Vitoria (BA)

2023 Series C excellent debt

1st) BRL 89 672 827 – Marine (PE)
2nd) BRL 5,562,442 – Paysandu (Pennsylvania)
third) BRL 4,772,857 – Figueirense (SC)
4) BRL 4,242,589 – America (RN)
fifth) BRL 3,708,762 – Rowing (Pennsylvania)
6) BRL 1 341 102 – CSA (AL)
seventh) BRL 525 526 0 Botafogo (PB)
8) BRL 120,733 – Trust (SE)
ninth) BRL 25,971 – excessive (PI)
tenth) BRL 19,410 – Volta Redonda (RJ)

10 clubs in an everyday scenario in the third division: Amazonas (AM), Aparecidense (GO), Brusque (SC), Floresta (CE), Manaus (AM), Operário (PR), Pouso Alegre (MG), São Bernardo (SP), São José (RS) and Ypiranga (lol)

2023 Series D Debt Outstanding

1st) BRL 383 756 924 – Brasilienze (DF)
2) BRL 70 313 125 – Santa Cruz (PE)
3) BRL 17,799,722 – Brazil (RS)
4) BRL 9,842,536 – Inter de Limeira (SP)
fifth) BRL 5 902 631 – Campinense (PB)
sixth) BRL 2,795,776 – Democrat (MG)
seventh) BRL 782 206 – Real Noroeste (ES)
8) BRL 741 730 – União Rondonópolis (MT)
ninth) BRL 543 171 – Maranhão (MA)
tenth) 527,263 BRL – Portuguese (RJ)
eleventh) BRL 521,785 – Jacuipense (BA)
twelfth) BRL 425 734 – CRAC (GO)
thirteenth) BRL 329,992 – Agia (Pennsylvania)
14th) BRL 265 855 – Rail transport (CE)
fifteenth) BRL 265 444 – Globo (RN)
sixteenth) 203,836 BRL – Ferroviária (SP)
seventeenth) BRL 173,658 – Hercílio Luz (SC)
18th) BRL 172,790 – Atlético (CE)
nineteenth) BRL 133,349 – Potiguar (RN)
twentieth) BRL 111 070 – Nacional de Patos (PB)
twenty first) BRL 100,055 – Atlético de Alagoinhas (BA)
twenty second) BRL 91,207 – Real Ariquemes (Romania)
twenty third) BRL 33,175 – Tocantinópolis (TO)
twenty fourth) BRL 32,389 – XV de Piracicaba (SP)
twenty fifth) BRL 28,845 – New Hamburg (RS)
twenty sixth) BRL 17,942 – São Joseense (PR)
twenty seventh) BRL 15,922 – Camboriú (SC)
twenty eighth) BRL 12,206 – Sergipe (SE)
twenty ninth) BRL 5415 – Interport (TO)
thirtieth) BRL 3027 – Train (AP)
thirty first) BRL 2672 – National (AM)
thirty second) BRL 1528 – San Francisco (AC)
thirty third) BRL 1411 – Tuna Luso (Pennsylvania)

31 clubs common place in the 4th division: Aimoré (RS), Anápolis (GO), ASA (AL), Athletic (MG), Bahia de Feira (BA), Caldense (MG), Cascavel (PR), Caucaia (CE), Caxias (RS), Ceilândia ( DF), Concórdia (SC), Cordino (MA), Cruzeiro (AL), Falcon (SE), Fluminense (PI), Humaitá (AC), Iguatu (CE), Iporá (GO), Maringá (PR), Nova Iguaçu (RJ), Operário (MS), Operário (MT), Pacajus (CE), Parnahyba (PI), Princesa do Solimões (AM), Resende (RJ), Retrô (PE), Santo André (SP), São Raimundo ( RR), Sousa (PB) and Vitoria (ES)

Recall the earlier rankings of open debt, in accordance to PGFN: 2020, 2021 and 2022.

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