Bruno says there is a possibility that Bruninho is the son of another footballer

Following the DNA request submitted by goalkeeper Bruno Fernandes to the choose of Mato Grosso do Sul, previous rumors returned about the case this week. One of them is the possibility that the take a look at is destructive and that Bruninho, son of Elisa Samudio, has another footballer for a father.

This speculation arises from the very starting of the course of. Testimony gathered throughout the investigation indicated that the mannequin had “a lot of contact with gamers” and a few referred to her pejoratively as “Maria Bokete”. One of the Flamengo gamers throughout the occasion even talked about the “suruba” with a number of sportsmen and ladies, and that, one of them, can be Eliza.

In 2013, some hypotheses have been raised about gamers who may need contact with Eliza, however nothing was confirmed. In an unique interview with O Tempo, goalkeeper Bruno Fernandes most well-liked to not title gamers however raised the possibility. “Eliza herself, everybody is aware of that, proper? That she lived amongst soccer gamers. I heard too, did not I? I’ve no means of proving it, however I heard that she had an affair with a participant throughout (the trial) that he was enjoying for Corinthians, proper? And she was this participant’s lover. This participant then got here to play for Atlético Mineiro and his title was broadcast there. And shortly, as a result of he was enjoying for Atlético Mineiro, his title was silenced, proper? the picture was saved. So I additionally did not need to say the participant’s title as a result of I do not understand how he is at this time. I do not understand how the household is, how the household can settle for such a scenario. But there is a possibility that Bruninho is the son of this different athlete,” he acknowledged.

Asked if he had had contact with this athlete and the way he discovered about the drawback, Bruno stated he had mutual pals with the different participant and that he had been warned by folks in the soccer world. “They stated, ‘Look, Bruno, you are so-and-so, he had each, on this case, the lady was this man’s lover,’ you already know? So you care and so, I do not know what and such,” he stated. “People instructed me that over there, did not they?

Lawyer Lucio Adolfo, who additionally defended Bruno Fernandes, raised the speculation that Bruninho had another father in the previous. Asked by the report, he stated that “at the time, Bruno’s lawyer believed that it will not be essential to do a DNA take a look at disputing Bruninho’s paternity in the face of felony proceedings. And Bruno refused to do it in the felony sphere, he is not compelled to show towards him. At the time, a picture was obtained of Bruninho being positioned subsequent to another participant, with a very robust bodily resemblance. to search out out if Bruno owed that query to Bruninho, however that was by no means answered,” he stated. “What I do know is that Eliza was very fond of contacting gamers, the trial proof is overwhelming in that sense. If you exclude Bruno, then the grandmother could need to make this request with different folks. Now that there is at all times this Eliza “joke” with gamers, it has at all times existed. I’ve no component to say whether or not it may be or not, you’ll be able to solely “You’re asking for DNA to be finished to show that it is Bruno or not (the father). And if it isn’t, this story will resonate,” he identified.

In the occasion that the DNA take a look at doesn’t set up Bruno as the father, Lucio Adolfo understands that this may imply “washing Bruno’s soul.” “It will change a lot, he will not owe anymore. The cash he is paid, and it isn’t a lot, it is all going to be a bit unfair, however as he stated, he does not need that. He needs his soul washed,” stated the lawyer. “Then Doña Sonia will be capable to go to court docket for a new request, however she will probably be weakened. “After blaming Bruno for 12 years, blaming others will make her fragile, however she must search for who the father could possibly be,” the lawyer stated.


By notice, lawyer Maria Lucia Gomezwho is defending Bruninho’s household, stated that all residents have the proper to assert in court docket what they understand to be a proper” however that it is as much as attorneys to research whether or not “this proper is not excluded, whether or not it has already been determined or whether or not there are parts of altering what has already been assessed’.

She additionally identified that paternity is not mentioned in the trial, however compensation for materials and ethical damages induced to the youngster. “(This harm was induced) by Bruno. These needed damages are configured in documentary and undisputed proof. It is troublesome for TJMS to vary this sentence,” he stated.

The lawyer nonetheless believes that “regardless of the paternity of the creator of the motion, Bruninho suffered in his soul and the shut separation from his mom” and “are scars that stay to at the present time and can stay eternally”. “This harm finished by every to another should be repaired,” he stated.

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