Children aged 9 to 14 can be vaccinated against HPV through the public network

printed on 01/20/2023 1:55 p.m

(credit score: Tony Winston /Agência Saúde)

A complete of 120 routine vaccination websites in the Federal District are prepared to immunize girls and boys aged 9 to 14 against HPV. Boys have an age vary extension till October, ready till they flip 11 to begin the two-dose cycle. All addresses and timetables can be considered on the Secretary of Health (SES) web page.

“One of the essential causes for this enlargement, led by the Ministry of Health, is to improve vaccination protection and vaccine effectiveness. Preventing HPV is essential to forestall most cancers in maturity,” Beatrice Luz, Head of Sexually Transmitted (*14*) Surveillance at SES, mentioned in a be aware.

HPV is transmitted primarily through sexual contact and can present itself with warts and even lead to the improvement of most cancers in the uterus, anus, mouth and pharynx, amongst different organs. Also, in accordance to Beatrice Luz, it is vital for ladies to bear a preventive examination yearly and to undertake the use of condoms throughout sexual activity, since many contaminated individuals haven’t any signs. “It’s an STI that lots of people do not care about and do not know the significance of prevention,” he explains.

The vaccine supplied by the public network protects against 4 sorts of HPV, and offering it to boys over the age of 9 will assist improve safety. The sooner the youngster receives it, the simpler the vaccine will be in the physique.


HPV vaccination was included in the vaccination schedule in 2014, initially for women aged 9 to 14 years. In 2017, it was prolonged to boys aged 11 to 14. The age vary is now between 9 and 14 years for all youngsters and adolescents.

However, native vaccination protection is beneath the 80% goal set by the Ministry of Health, in accordance to SES information. By June of final yr, 66 p.c of ladies ages 9 to 14 in the Federal District had obtained the doses. For boys aged 11 to 14, the proportion is 43.3%.


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