Defense accuses former goalkeeper Bruno of crowdfunding to pay pension and ‘disappear’ with money | Mato Grosso do Sul

Former goalkeeper Bruno Fernandes “disappeared” with the money, which was to be used to pay off half of the pension debt he has with his son by Elisa Samudio, Bruninho, in accordance to the minor’s protection. According to sources accessible from g1Bailiffs tried to summon Bruno thrice in latest weeks however had been unable to find him on the handle given to the Criminal Enforcement Service.

Bruninho’s godmother, Maria do Carmo Santos, stated the bailiffs tried to fulfill their mandates on August 23, 25 and 27. For all his makes an attempt, Bruno didn’t reply calls on the gate of the condominium in Cabo Frio (RJ).

Months in the past, Bruno even organized a “crowd-in” on-line, claiming that the money raised would go to his son. However, the quantity of over R$ 20 thousand didn’t attain Sônia Moura, Bruninho’s grandmother and authorized guardian.

During all of the years of Bruninho’s life, who lived in Campo Grande, the boy by no means acquired alimony.

In a settlement request in courtroom, former goalkeeper Bruno Fernández das Dores de Souza tried to cut back the pension debt he has with his son from R$90,000 to R$30,000. The whole quantity was decided by the Court of Mato Grosso do Sul. A Rio de Janeiro courtroom issued an arrest warrant for Bruno earlier this month for non-payment.

For the protection of the Bruninho household, this isn’t an obligation, however a proper that has by no means been fulfilled. “The courtroom sentenced him to pay the debt of 90 thousand, he offered a suggestion within the quantity of R $ 30 thousand, however this doesn’t exist. This quantity is a proper of the minor that has not been paid since 2012. We have to work in accordance with the regulation, this quantity of R$ 90 thousand is what the justice decided”, defined the lawyer María Lucia Gómez.

O g1 discovered that Bruno had contacted Bruninho’s protection and claimed that he was unable to pay the quantity owed as upkeep. In a dialog, the former goalkeeper stated that he didn’t doubt his paternity. In this case, the chance of paying off the debt in installments, however not in a discount of the worth, has been proposed.

In May of this yr, Bruno was arrested by the justice of Mato Grosso do Sul, however at the moment the civil police in Angra dos Reis, the city the place Bruno’s handle appeared, had not made the arrest.

Earlier this month, a justice in Cabo Frio, in Rio’s Lagos area, ordered the arrest of former Flamengo participant Bruno Fernandez das Dores de Souza for delaying little one help he had with Elisa Samudio.

Elisa Samudio disappeared in 2010 and her physique was by no means discovered. She was 25 years outdated and the mom of goalkeeper Bruno’s new child son. At the time, the participant was a Flamengo starter and didn’t acknowledge paternity. It was not till July 12, 2012, after a verdict printed by the Rio choose, that Bruno legally grew to become the kid’s father. Relive the case within the video beneath:

Remember the Eliza Samudio case

Bruno was convicted of the triple homicide of Elisa Samudio and the kidnapping and false imprisonment of his son with the sufferer. The doorman was additionally convicted of concealing a corpse, however that sentence was quashed because the choose discovered that the offense was time-barred.

More than ten years after her daughter’s loss of life, Sônia Moura nonetheless hopes to discover her daughter’s physique.

“I take into consideration her not simply as soon as, however a number of occasions a day. According to the testimony of one of these concerned within the crime, who was a minor on the time, the younger lady could be quartered and her stays positioned in rubbish luggage and thrown to the canine.

In 2018, college students from Minas Gerais went to a celebration dressed as Bruno and Macarao. In the recording made by Inconfidentes (MG), it brought on controversy on social media because it nonetheless confirmed one of the youths holding a black bag with the title of Elisa Samudio.

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