FCecon warns of habits that can reduce the chances of colorectal cancer

Manaus/AM – The illness that lately affected the gamers Pele and Roberto Dinamo and the singers Simoni and Preta Gil, bowel cancer or colorectal cancer, ought to have an effect on 300 inhabitants of the Amazon in 2023. Foundation of the State Center for Oncological Control of Amazonas (FCecon), unit , which presents remedy for the illness in the state’s public well being community, warns of habits that can reduce the chances of creating this cancer.

According to FCecon endoscopist, Marcelo Tapaios, some bowel cancer danger elements can be averted.

“When we speak about main prevention, we’re primarily speaking about altering habits and life-style. Excess crimson meat and processed meats, extra sugar, alcohol, smoking and weight problems. These are modifiable danger elements that are related to colorectal cancer,” he defined.

In addition, danger elements for the improvement of the illness are a household historical past of bowel cancer and inflammatory bowel ailments, comparable to power ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s illness. Patients with these ailments ought to have particular person follow-up.

According to estimates by the National Cancer Institute (Inca), 300 circumstances of colorectal cancer ought to be registered in 2023 in Amazonas. For all of Brazil, the forecast is 45,630 new circumstances.


There are few signs in the early levels of bowel and rectal cancer. But in the superior levels, the affected person could expertise belly ache, blood or mucus in the stool, modifications in intestinal transit between diarrhea and constipation, unexplained weight reduction, and anemia.

For this motive, the FCecon physician advises the inhabitants to endure medical follow-up, routine examinations and undertake a wholesome life-style, with bodily exercise, consuming loads of fruits, greens, legumes, entire grains, beans and different legumes, cereals and seeds.


The World Health Organization and medical societies in the area are advocating the initiation of screening for colon and rectal cancer in individuals between 45 and 50 years of age, by way of a fecal occult blood check. If the result’s constructive, the consumer ought to endure a colonoscopy.

Through this endoscopic examination by way of the rectum, the physician can see if there are polyps that can flip into cancer or even when there’s a lesion that signifies cancer, which is confirmed by the biopsy report.


For preliminary circumstances, FCecon presents tumor resection. “When the affected person has sure traits of this colorectal cancer, comparable to the measurement of the lesion and the sort of invasion into the bowel wall, when it’s extra superficial, we can typically resect this lesion in the endoscopic sector,” explains Tapajos.

The endoscopy service is even buying new colonoscopy units with superior imaging and assets that enhance the detection price of early malignant lesions in the colorectal area. According to Tapajós, the gadget permits for extra exact resection of these lesions.

For extra superior circumstances of colorectal cancer, FCecon presents chemotherapy, surgical procedure and radiation remedy. The basis additionally presents assist in palliative care.

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