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National Day to Fight and Prevent Thrombosis

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Today, September 16, is National Day to Fight and Prevent Thrombosis. A symbolic date created to boost consciousness of a typical and harmful disease.

“Thrombosis normally presents as an image of ache in the leg, particularly in the calf, related to persistent swelling, heat, tenderness and redness. Which will virtually all the time end in searching for medical consideration. In rarer circumstances, the clot can nonetheless detach from the vein wall and journey by means of the bloodstream till it reaches the lung, inflicting a pulmonary embolism that can even result in sudden demise,” explains vascular surgeon Dr. Aline Lamaita, member of the Brazilian Society of Angiology and Vascular Surgery.

5 questions on thrombosis

So, with the assist of the specialist, we spotlight some essential factors about the disease. So on this means you find out what can cause or prevent the improvement of thrombosis. Explore:

1. Is watching TV harmful?

A 2018 examine revealed in the Journal of Thrombosis and Thrombolysis confirmed that the every day behavior of watching tv for a very long time is related to the incidence of blood clots, as sitting for lengthy intervals can cut back blood circulation to the legs and ft . “Even those that follow common bodily actions usually tend to develop thrombosis in the event that they spend loads of time sitting in entrance of the TV, based on the examine,” says the physician.

2. Therefore, those that work sitting down are additionally extra in danger

“To keep away from issues with blood circulation, there are some suggestions, reminiscent of: each hour of labor, rise up, stroll for 5 minutes, transfer your legs, stretch; spend money on an elastic compression stocking (seek the advice of your physician to find out the excellent mannequin); and drink water, which helps the physique operate and the fluidity of the blood. Leave the water a brief distance away, sufficient to make you get out of your chair to get it,” explains Dr. Kal.

3. What about being pregnant and caesarean part?

“Women’s threat of growing thrombosis will increase considerably throughout being pregnant and once more throughout postpartum restoration. This is as a result of along with the hormonal drawback, blood circulation tends to be slower on account of inactivity or stress on the blood vessels attributable to the growth of the uterus, which makes the blood extra susceptible to clots, warns the surgeon.

4. Birth management capsules can additionally cause issues

“This is as a result of the quantity of hormones current in contraception capsules is ready to alter blood circulation, rising the threat of clots in the deep veins. Therefore, the use of this technique just isn’t really useful for ladies who’re already susceptible to the drawback.” , is named.

the way to prevent it

5. Physical exercise can be the answer

“Any train that works the calf, the calf, will assist, so simply the act of flexing and increasing the ankle shall be essential. Circular actions with the ankle, hugging and stretching the legs and actions reminiscent of biking can assist if the particular person has the capability to carry out them with out ache and discomfort, every day, explains the physician.

“For those that usually are not in the behavior of doing bodily exercise, the excellent is to start out with a small period of time, 15 to twenty minutes, however every single day and enhance. So, attempt to do the exercise, ideally all the time at the similar time: do not anticipate inspiration, knock, rise up and do it, as a routine. Think of it as a short while: simply quarter-hour,” concludes Dr. Cal.

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