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Singer Preta Gil introduced this Wednesday (11) that after six days of hospitalization in a hospital in Rio de Janeiro, she has been diagnosed with bowel cancer referred to as adenocarcinoma.

The head of medical oncology at AC Camargo Cancer Center, Rachel Riechelmann, explains that “adenocarcinoma is a sort of tumor that may seem in totally different components of the physique, not simply in the gut.”

However, colorectal cancer is probably the most widespread in Brazil. According to Inca (National Cancer Institute), excluding pores and skin tumors, intestinal adenocarcinoma is the second commonest, no matter affected person gender.

In ladies, the most typical malignant illness is breast cancer, and in males, prostate cancer.

Preta’s illness is situated on the finish of her gut and she is going to quickly begin remedy. “Thank God at present I acquired a definitive analysis. I’ve adenocarcinoma in the distal a part of the gut. I begin my remedy from subsequent Monday and I’m relying on everybody’s power to remain calm and assured,” the well-known individual wrote on social networks.

“Tumors that have an effect on the bowel on the finish are those which have a higher likelihood of being cured in comparison with tumors at first of the bowel. This data leads us to the concept that there is a better likelihood of a treatment,” mentioned Ricardo Carvalho, an oncologist at BP — Beneficência Portuguesa de São Paulo.

illness signs

The location of the malignant neoplasm additionally interferes with the signs of the illness.

“The nearer to the rectum, the extra signs seem, reminiscent of bleeding in the stool, ache throughout evacuation and even a change in the looks and consistency of the stool – typically it turns into thinner. When the tumor is farther from the rectum, t .ie extra on the precise aspect of the bowel, signs are sometimes extra non-particular. The affected person might expertise weak point, anemia, weight reduction and stomach ache,” Rachel emphasizes.

In the case of a extra superior illness and with out a full analysis, intestinal obstruction might happen. “When the illness continues to progress, it will probably progress to the purpose of intestinal obstruction, which is a full stoppage of the elimination of stool and gasoline. This is a medical emergency and surgical procedure is often required,” warns Ricardo.

Risk elements

The important danger elements for bowel adenocarcinoma are age and heredity, and “the chance will increase when a individual has a first-line relative with bowel cancer,” Rachel stresses.

Other exterior traits affect the formation of tumors, reminiscent of weight problems, smoking, a sedentary life-style, alcohol abuse and, particularly in bowel cancer, a weight loss plan wealthy in fats and carbohydrates.

“A weight loss plan wealthy in saturated fats, extremely-processed meals, purple meat proteins will increase the chance of creating this sort of tumor,” emphasizes the specialist.


The analysis is made by a colonoscopy – an imaging examination of the intestines with an endoscope – and as a prevention, the Ministry of Health recommends that or not it’s executed yearly for all folks over 50 years of age.

However, since age is a figuring out danger issue, the physician suggests prevention beginning at age 45. “I like to recommend that everybody begins screening for bowel cancer from the age of 45 with a colonoscopy, which is superb, which evaluates the entire bowel and if there are any modifications, it will probably even be eliminated. Polyps, for instance, are benign lesions, however they will flip into cancer. With a colonoscopy, it is already eliminated, so it eliminates the chance,” advises Rachel.

What is the remedy for bowel adenocarcinoma?

The remedy of the illness depends upon the stage at which the tumor is diagnosed, the kind of cancer and the age of the affected person.

“The remedy will rely a lot on the placement of the tumor, the histological sort, the stage of the illness, the age of the affected person, the co-morbidities of the affected person. There is no single reply, the remedy depends upon a number of variables,” emphasizes Ricardo.

Generally, care contains surgical procedure and radiation remedy mixed with chemotherapy or immunotherapy.

“The healing remedy is operative. Depending on the results of the operation, the scale of the tumor, if there are metastases in the lymph nodes close to the tumor, it is indicated to complement the remedy with adjuvant chemotherapy for 3 to 6 months. Chemotherapy in this context will increase the possibility of treatment much more”, explains the physician.

She provides: “For each affected person who has bowel cancer, a molecular evaluation of the tumor is executed to see if there are inherited traits, to know whether or not immunotherapy, chemotherapy or molecularly focused medicine must be used.”

The excellent news is that Preeta Gill’s possibilities of being cured are excessive. “On common, the possibility of treatment in the overall inhabitants is 65%. When we speak about preliminary illness, in stage 1, this opportunity of treatment reaches 90%. Now, after we speak about metastatic illness, which is the final stage of the illness, stage 4, the possibility of treatment is about 10% to fifteen%, and in some instances it reaches 20%,” Ricardo factors out.


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