Flags with stakes are again allowed in Sao Paulo football stadiums

At organized supporters from Sao Paulo there was excellent news this Wednesday. After years of discussions, debates and authorized motion, the flagpoles, a basic in Brazilian football in current many years, are being put up in stadiums and arenas throughout the state.

The use of artefacts has been banned from getting into any sports activities amenities since 1996. In July of this yr, the Court of Sao Paulo stated that the rules for the return and “managed entry” of the fabric in the stadiums can be established by the navy Police – which happened this Wednesday in an official publication.

In the version of the State Gazette, the Prime Minister outlined the factors for the introduction of flags with poles or helps in football stadiums, sports activities halls and different amenities supposed for sports activities occasions. Among them, the usage of artifacts can be restricted to the sectors of organized supporters in São Paulo.

Flags with masts have been flown again on the stadiums in Sao Paulo. image: Felipe Rau / Estadão

In addition, the company imposes restrictions on this use. I examine:

Up to 10 models per organized mob;

The mast should be made solely of fabric manufactured from bamboo, between six and eight meters lengthy;

Continues after industrial

The mast should be visibly engraved with the identification of the organized mob to which the fabric belongs.

All objects can be inspected earlier than getting into the arenas.

However, the regulation additionally stipulates that the flag restrict can be decided at every match by the police-military authority liable for guarding the occasion. For this, sure points should be taken into consideration, equivalent to the quantity of crowd anticipated on the match and “historical past of hostility between the followers concerned”.

“The amenities referred to in this regulation can be solely for the usage of organized supporters, for cheering and expressing a present of help for the golf equipment which are the primary characters of the present, which is the accountability of the flag bearer or help, collectively with the managers of the organized supporters to make sure their use guided by points of politeness, civility and respect for different followers and other people collaborating in the occasion”, informs article 4 of this regulation.

The use of the supplies throughout the video games has been banned since 1996, attributable to a invoice drawn up by then-deputy Nabi Abi Chedid. The yr earlier than, a basic brawl between followers of palm timber Is from Sao Pauloat Sao Paulo Junior Football Cupwas a type of liable for creating the regulation.

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