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Gynecologist Marina Chagas Sales says that the laser mild reaches deep layers of the pores and skin, restoring the perform of the cells that produce collagen. (photograph: Tulio Santos/EM/DA Press)

Throughout life, the female physique undergoes quite a few transformations and, in the case of intimate well being, it is very important pay particular consideration. And the intimate laser is the accessible know-how that may assist in this care to make sure well being and high quality of life. Without a lot hype, it promotes quite a few advantages and works to fight a variety of circumstances associated to the vulva and vagina. Because of this, it has change into an ally for girls, an extra software to contribute to their confidence, self-esteem and effectively-being.

Gynecologist Marina Chagas Sales, specialist in colposcopy, video surgical procedure, hysteroscopy and digital laser, explains that in medication, lasers in common are not a brand new software. On the opposite hand, in the case of its use in the intimate space, the applying is way newer and unknown to most girls. The genital laser was developed in Italy about 20 years in the past, arriving in Brazil solely in 2015.

Marina says that the genital laser is utilized contained in the vagina and on the skin of the vulva, together with the vaginal introitus and urethra, labia minora and labia majora. “Its endovaginal use goals to appropriate vaginal dryness and urine loss. Externally, it treats pores and skin fragility that bleeds and hurts throughout intercourse, improves libido, continual itching and whitens the pores and skin of the vulva. The enchancment in libido is as a result of enchancment of the fragility of the pores and skin and the rise in the vascularization of the clitoris”.

There is not any age restrict, it is sufficient to have indicators or signs that justify the remedy (…) In my workplace I’ve handled sufferers from 28 to 88 years outdated

Marina Chagas Sales, gynecologist, specialist in colposcopy, video surgical procedure, hysteroscopy and digital laser

The gynecologist factors out that it is usually helpful in the remedy of vaginal laxity, a scenario in which there’s a sensation of air coming into the vagina throughout intercourse, the so-referred to as “vaginal flatus”. “Additionally, in the postpartum interval, a girl could discover a large vagina, and the laser could be programmed to reverse this example by tightening the area.”

According to the physician, the laser is beneficial for all ladies who need to regain the intimate a part of their femininity: “There is not any age restrict, it is sufficient to have indicators or signs that justify the remedy. Younger sufferers obtain good outcomes in a shorter time. In my workplace, I’ve handled sufferers from 28 to 88 years outdated”.

Safety and contraindications

Marina Chagas Sales emphasizes that laser remedy is secure, with few contraindications. “All you want is to have an up-to-date well being examine-up, no genital infections and no interval or being pregnant on the day of the session. It is really useful to cease the usage of anti-inflammatory medication throughout remedy.

The gynecologist factors out that almost all sufferers search remedy after they discover adjustments on account of hormonal decline, at an age near menopause. “The lack of hormone impacts the discount of satisfactory collagen manufacturing, which makes the vulvar pores and skin more and more free and fragile. Gradually, the vagina turns into drier, with out greasiness. A symptom of ache happens throughout intercourse, with frequent trauma and bleeding throughout intercourse.

intimate rejuvenation

The gynecologist explains that the shortage of hormone additionally favors the lack of high quality of the collagen that helps the bladder and urethra, leaving these buildings weaker. In this manner, urinary incontinence happens extra simply in postmenopausal sufferers: “The laser mild reaches deep layers of the pores and skin, restoring the perform of the cells that produce collagen: the fibroblasts. These cells don’t work effectively with out the hormone. With remedy, a progressive thickening of the mucous membrane is noticed, returning to the traditional state, as earlier than menopause. This thickening is demonstrated by biopsy examinations of the vagina earlier than and after remedy. That is why some name the laser intimate rejuvenation”.

Urinary incontinence impacts many ladies and causes social isolation, low self-esteem and embarrassment. According to Marina Chagas, lack of urine is an disagreeable symptom introduced by ladies of various ages, even years earlier than menopause. “Of course, there’s compromised self-esteem, which may result in social isolation. The laser is indicated for gentle to average circumstances of urinary incontinence, with a excessive diploma of satisfaction with symptom management.

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It is value confirming that the genital laser is just for ladies, with no software for males. And the protocol is to do three laser periods, one per thirty days. “Its impact is predicted to final a 12 months to a 12 months and a half.” So, to keep up the impact, one session per 12 months is indicated”, says the gynecologist. And know that the laser is made with inside and exterior ideas that conduct infrared mild to the tissues. The vitality for every second and for every affected person is individualized and safely programmed on the machine’s show. At every stage, the epithelium turns into thicker, extra elastic and resistant, which results in strengthening of the vulva, urethra and vagina.

The bills

Unfortunately, genital laser is a excessive-tech remedy that’s not coated or reimbursed by well being plans and isn’t accessible in the Unified Health System (SUS). According to the physician in Belo Horizonte, the worth per session varies from R$ 1500 to R$ 2000. “It’s an funding in enhancing the standard of life.”

Marina Chagas Sales says the laser is run in the workplace utilizing an area anesthetic, making the applying snug. “It is a secure remedy and crucial dangers are of an aesthetic nature. As with something in medication, there isn’t any assure of success, however research have proven wonderful outcomes for genital dryness and gentle to average urinary loss. I’ve been treating in my workplace since 2019 and I’ve noticed a big enchancment in the genital examination of sufferers. Many stopped leaking urine and went again to having intercourse with out ache from the primary session.”

lichen sclerosus

The gynecologist additionally remembers {that a} situation little recognized to ladies can also be handled with a laser. This is lichen sclerosus: “In this illness, the affected a part of the pores and skin turns into progressively thicker as a result of scratching it causes. Discoloration happens, often forming white plaques. Patients confuse it with vitiligo. It often impacts areas of the vulva, such because the labia majora and labia minora and the vaginal introitus. It is a non-transmissible pathology of unknown trigger, most likely autoimmune. Its discomfort for the lady is nice, it results in sturdy itching of the vulva and adjustments in the native anatomy”.

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Genital laser actions

  1. lack of urine
  2. vaginal dryness
  3. An ally in adjustments ensuing from hormonal decline, particularly as menopause approaches
  4. Improved libido
  5. Treats lichen sclerosus, a illness that may have an effect on areas of the vulva
  6. Postpartum rehabilitation for the remedy of vaginal laxity
  7. Improves elasticity
  8. It works on atrophy or laxity of the vagina and vulva, amongst others.

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