Guto Ferreira responds to fatphobic journalistic insults: “Humilhao”

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Guto Ferreira spoke out after fat-phobic insults

Gois coach Guto Ferreira responded to the phobic insults voiced by commentator Lucas Nogueira of TV Brasil Central. Mocking the load of the crew commander of Goyas, the journalist stated that it could not be potential to place a microphone on the lapel close to the coach’s neck.

“Guys, right here we’ve got a microphone known as a lapel. In Guto, you possibly can’t put a lapel on it, no. There isn’t any door, there isn’t a divider right here[pointstothechin)YouhavetotakecareofthatLookyoucanputatereverad?statedLucasNogueiralaughingattheexternals[сочиподбрадичката)ТрябвадасепогрижитезатоваВижтеможетедапоставитереверad?казаЛукасНогейраосмивайкивъншниявиднаГутоФерейравпредаванеизлъченона15януари[apontandoabaixodoqueixo)PrecisacuidardissoOlhaldpracolocarlapelaad?disseLucasNogueiraridicularizandoaaparnciadeGutoFerreiraemprogramatransmitidonodia15dejaneiro

Present on the bench of the TV Brasil Central program, presenter Thas Freitas laughed on the insults uttered by Nogueira, whereas commentator Jean Lopes added one other “joke”.

This Sunday (twenty second), after the match between Gois and Atltico-GO, Guto Ferreira criticized the habits of the TV Brasil Central trio and warned of the dangers of bullying, particularly amongst youngsters.

“The perspective of the Brasil Central crew, within the particular person of Lucas, supported by Tas and Jean, was pathetic and harmful. No downside for me. I’m a clear-headed particular person. But they’ve to be liable for what they are saying and present, as a result of Central Brazil reaches many, many viewers within the state and in Brazil. They are youngsters who watch and discover it humorous. I assist tomorrow to do the identical sort of state of affairs which known as harassment amongst them. I’ve the pinnacle to take such humiliation, however does a boy have it? Everyone is aware of what bullying does,” expressed Guto.

Gois response

In an official memo, Goyce additionally denied wrongdoing. “It is unacceptable that in the course of 2023 there ought to nonetheless be such instances of individuals condoning and entertaining prejudiced insults concerning the bodily situation of their fellow man. Respect is prime and may information all relationships. of any nature, is unthinkable, unacceptable and won’t be tolerated by us,” reads an excerpt from the message.

the journalist apologizes

In a submit on social media, journalist Lucas Nogueira apologized for the feedback. “I are available in entrance of the gang to apologize to the Emerald followers, the board of administrators of Gois Esporte Clube and particularly coach Guto Ferreira. This won’t occur once more. It was an unlucky remark I made,” he acknowledged.

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