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Cruzeiro took one other step towards implementing the judicial reorganization course of. This Wednesday, the membership introduced to the courtroom the plan to pay the collectors, who collectively cost greater than R$530 million. O ge bears the info of the doc with which the discount of duty is aimed.

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The debt settlement plan by judicial consolidation is split into courses, in accordance with the provisions of the present legislation. In class I are labor collectors who’re entitled to obtain as much as 120 minimal wages (about R$ 145 thousand).

In this case, Cruzeiro’s proposal is to pay with out reductions on the entire debt, in two phases: R$ 20 thousand, in a single installment, as much as six months after the approval of the judicial restoration; and the steadiness, if any, in 30 month-to-month installments (with curiosity and adjustment), the primary being paid inside 30 days after the settlement of the quantity of R$ 20 thousand.

In Class II of the plan proposed by Cruzeiro are the Real Secured Creditors. That is, those that have membership property, movable or immovable, as collateral. In this case, Cruzeiro plans to start out paying one yr after the settlement is accredited, paying off the debt over seven years, in annual installments, plus changes and curiosity.

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Third in precedence on Cruzeiro’s payment plan are Unsecured Creditors. In Class III will probably be thought of the “General Creditors” and the work collectors and actual collectors whose balances haven’t been totally paid within the earlier courses.

Regarding peculiar collectors, Cruzeiro’s plan is to pay R$ 150 thousand, in a single installment, with out curiosity and changes, inside 24 months after the approval of the judicial reorganization.

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Cruzeiro’s proposal to settle the balances of peculiar, labor and actual collectors is to have a 75% low cost on the entire excellent quantity. Payment will start two years after RJ approval, with payment forecast after ten years, with annual installments adjusted to the reference fee plus curiosity at 2% each year.

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Subsequently, funds are foreseen for collectors registered as a authorized entity, within the type of micro-enterprises or small companies. This is class IV. In this case, Cruzeiro affords a payment of R$ 40 thousand, with out low cost, in a single installment, paid as much as 12 months after approval of the settlement.

The remaining steadiness, if any, will even be diminished by 75%, with settlement anticipated in 9 annual installments, adjusted plus 2% curiosity each year, with the primary installment payable 24 months after approval.

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An innovation that Cruzeiro proposed at this stage of the judicial restoration course of was the inclusion of money owed in processes which might be within the CNRD. These are money owed to golf equipment or gamers that may generate sports activities penalties, corresponding to a switch ban, for instance.

In this case, the membership envisages the distribution of CNRD collectors in courses I, III and IV, every of which can observe the tactic of payment proposed by Cruzeiro in every of those courses. The steadiness, if any, will probably be paid in ten annual installments, with an adjustment and curiosity of two% each year, commencing 12 months after approval.

In the following priorities for planning are monetary collectors, suppliers and homeowners of internet credit – these arising from authorized obligations signed earlier than the date of the request for judicial reorganization.

The subsequent step will probably be to publish a discover to all collectors beforehand listed by Cruzeiro to specific their views on the restoration plan. In case of disagreement, the doc might be corrected and resubmitted to the collectors, who will later vote on its acceptance.

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