Kartola 2022: Ayrton Lucas and Bento skip round #27; see suspended, injured and possibly | topper

Ready for an additional one, cardholders? It’s time for round 27. Of course, the perfect to construct staff is to encompass your self with the perfect details about the weekend’s video games. You have till 16:00 (Brazil time) this Saturday (10/09) to verify your line-up. Expect suspended, injured and doubtless lineups.

The circuit is stuffed with nice video games and one of the crucial anticipated is Fla-Flu. The rivals have the identical variety of factors and are nonetheless dreaming of the title. The principal lack of the traditional is on the red-black facet. Left-back Ayrton Lucas is suspended and is not going to face his former membership.

Ayrton Lucas not going through Fluminense — Photo: Gilvan de Souza/Flamengo

Without goalkeeper Bento and striker Vitinho, Athletico-PR host Cuiabá on the Arena da Baixada. The duo is within the dropdown record. The Mato Grosso facet can be with out striker Andre Luiz and midfielder Pepe for a similar motive.

The marketplace for round #27 is open till 16:00 (Brazil time) this Saturday (17). Click right here and broaden your staff!

Here are the suspended, injured and doubtless groups from Round #27:

Sent off: Lucas Kahl
Injured: Conti
Likely squad: Mateus Cavicoli, Raul Caceres, Iago Maidana, Ricardo Silva, Marlon; Eder (Ze Ricardo), Juninho and Ale; Felipe Azevedo, Enrique Almeida and Mateusinho (Mastriani)

Punished: Bento and Vitinho
Injured: Christian, Hulimar, Marcelo Cirino, Marlos, Reynaldo
Probable Team: Anderson; Helven (Oredhuela), Pedro Enrique, Thiago Helena and Abner (Pedrinho); Fernandinho, Alex Santana and David Terrance; Cuello, Romulo and Vitor Roque

Bento is out of the duel towards Cuiaba — Photo: José Tramontin/Athletico

Punished: Jorginho and Luis Fernando
Injured: Pedro Paulo, Ramon Menezes and Ronaldo
Likely staff: Renan; Dudu, Lucas Ghazal, Klaus and Artur Enrique; William Maranhão, Rhaldney and Shaylon; Ayrton, Churin and Wellington Rato.

Stopped: none
Injured: Guillerme Arana, Igor Rabelo and Ottavio
Probable Team: Everson; Guga, Nathan Silva, Junior Alonso and Dodo (Rubens); Alan, Jair and Nacho; Ademir, Hulk (Eduardo Sacha) and Keno

Sent off: Mateus Galdezani
Injured: none
Likely staff: Glédson; Kevin, Bressan, Rafael Vas and Cortez; Raniele, Bruno Silva, Nathanael and Jean Pierre; Potker and Bisoli.

Stopped: none
Injured: Breno, Carlinhos and Kaike
Likely staff: Kitten; Saravia, Adrielsson, Victor Cuesta and Martial; Tchê Tchê, Lucas Fernandez and Eduardo; Gefinho, Tiquinho Soares and Victor Sa

Penalized: Carlos Eduardo
Injured: Kaveh
Likely staff: Cleiton; Aderlan, Leo Ortiz, Nathan and Luann Candido; Raul, Lucas Evangelista, Eric Ramirez and Hioran; Arthur and Alerandro

Stopped: none
Injured: Diego Rigonato
Probable Squad: Joao Ricardo; Nino Paraiba, Messias, Luis Ottavio (Gabriel Lacerda) and Bruno Pacheco; Richard, Richardson and Vina (Guierme Castillo); Lima, Mendoza and Joe

Stopped: none
Injured: Maicon, Paulinho, Raul Gustavo, Rafael Ramos
Likely staff: Cassio; Rafael Ramos, Bruno Mendes, Raul Gustavo and Lucas Piton; Du Queiroz (Ronnie), Fausto Vera (Cantiho) and Giuliano; Adson, Roger Guedes, and Yuri Alberto.

Penalized: Adrian Martinez
Injured: Andrei, Bosquiglia, Enrique, Leo Gamalo and Willian Farias
Probable Team: Gabriel Vasconcelos; Nathan Mendes, chancellor, Luciano Castan and Rafael Santos; Bruno Gomes, Jesus Trindade and Robinho; Worley, Fabricio Daniel, and Aleph Manga

Punished: Andre Luiz and Pepe
Injured: Felipe Marquez, Wendell, Walter
Probable squad: João Carlos: Marllon, Joaquim and Alan Empereur; Joao Lucas (Daniel Guedes), Marco, Rafael Gava and Sidkley; Aleson (Camillo), Valdivia and Daverson.

Penalized: Ayrton Lucas
Injured: Bruno Enrique
Likely squad: Santos, Rodiney, David Luiz, Leo Pereira and Filipe Luiz; Joao Gomez, Thiago Maia, Everton Ribeiro and Arasqueta; Peter and Gabriel

Stopped: none
Injured: Luan Freitas
Likely squad: Fabio, Samuel Xavier, Nino, Manoel and Caio Paulista; Andre, Martinelli (Yago Felipe) and Ganso; Mateus Martins, Arias and Cano.

Stopped: none
Injured: none
Probable Squad: Fernando Miguel; Britez, Marcelo Benevenuto, Titi and Juninho Capixaba; Lucas Sasha, Ze Wellison and Ronald; Moses, Thiago Galjardo and Robson

Punished: Dada Belmonte
Injured: Dada Belmonte, Da Silva, Luis Felipe, Marcelo Rangel, Mateusinho and Siddimar
Likely staff: Thaddeus; Maginho, Caetano, Reynaldo and Savio; Auremir, Mateus Sales, Diego and Marquinhos Gabriel; Apodi and Pedro Raul

Dada Belmonte is injured and suspended — Photo: Rosiron Rodrigues/GEC

Stopped: none
Injured: Daniel
Probable Team: Keiller; Bustos, Vitao, Mercado and Rene; Gabriel, Edenilson, Carlos de Pena, Alan Patrick (Mauricio) and Pedro Enrique; German

Stopped: none
Injured: Kelvey
Probable Team: Pegorari; Thalisson, Vitor Mendes and Ygor Nogueira; Rodrigo Soares, Elton, Chico and Capixaba; Felipe Pires, Guillerme Parede and Isidro Pita.

Stopped: none
Injured: Jailson and Rafael Veiga
Likely staff: Weverton; Marcos Rocha, Gustavo Gomez, Murillo and Piquerez; Danilo, Ze Raphael and Bruno Tabata; Scarpa, Dudu and Ron

Stopped: none
Injured: Kevin Malthus
Probable squad: Joao Paulo; Madsen, Maicon, Eduardo Bauerman, and Felipe Jonathan; Camacho, Vinicius Zanocello and Gabriel Carabajal (Carlos Sanchez); Lucas Braga, Marcos Leonardo and Soteldo.

Punished: Eder and Miranda
Injured: Arboleda, Caio, Gabriel Neves, Luan, Nikao, Valse
Likely squad: Felipe Alves, Rafinha, Ferraresi, Luisao (Diego Costa) and Reinaldo (Wellington); Pablo Maya, Gallopo, Tales Costa and Alisson; Bustos and Calleri (Luciano).

Eder misses Sao Paulo towards Ceara — Photo: Marcello Zambrana/AGIF

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