Organized “fighters” from Cruzeiro bought T-shirts to replace bloodied ones; Police are trying to trace the cards to identify those involved

Confusion between Cruzeiro and Palmeiras followers occurred on the day of Sao Paulo’s match in opposition to Atlético-MG

Atlético-MG and palm bushes confronted one another final Wednesday (28), at Mineirão, with the São Paulo aspect successful 1-0. However, one disagreeable indisputable fact that marred the recreation occurred earlier than the ball was even rolled and in the presence of rival Gallo followers.

Organized by Palmeiras and Cruzeiro, Alvi Verde stain and The Blue Mafia, accordingly, sparked a fierce battle that ultimately led to the banning of the BR-381 freeway (Fernão Dias), which connects the state of São Paulo with Minas Gerais. With pictures being fired and even individuals being hit, some militants tried to disguise themselves in an try to disguise their identities.

According to an ESPN report with sources from the Carmopolis Civil Police, Cruzeiro followers who had torn and bloodied garments throughout the conflict sought out close by Raposa shops to purchase new garments. And they created a entice for themselves.

All of this can be investigated by authorities, who are trying to trace the cards utilized in the shops to punish the vandals involved in the struggle.

Another means to get to some involved names can be by the shells left on the highway. The investigation collected a C 380 projectile. Authorities will analyze the pictures and identify those involved.

perceive the confusion

According to the PRF (Federal Highway Police), members of “Mancha Alvi Verde”, from the São Paulo crew, and “Máfia Azul”, from the Minas Gerais crew, got here into battle close to the city of Carmópolis de Minas, 107 km from Belo Horizonte .

According to the PRF bulletin issued by the BR-381 press workplace, firearms have been fired throughout the conflict, injuring 4 individuals.

The struggle ended with a number of wounded who have been taken to Santa Casa de Carmopolis de Minas.

Contacted by ESPN, the hospital mentioned 10 individuals had been handled.

– 2 have fractures (1 on the arm, 1 on the finger) and have been moved to orthopedics

– 1 was hit with an iron rod in the chest, suffered a chest damage and was transferred to Divinópolis Hospital, which has an intensive care unit

– 5 have been wounded with iron rods on the head. They have been stitched up and launched

– 1 arrived unconscious however is ok and has been launched

– 1 was hit in the chest with a stick, was noticed and is doing properly

Another 2 injured have been taken to the hospital in the city of Oliveira, 150 km from Belo Horizonte, with minor accidents and have additionally been launched.


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