Ozempic: everything you need to know before using the “slimming pen”

Paula Lima, 38, is researching the worth of Ozempic in pharmacies from the starting of 2023, a drug that has already been used for years in Brazil to deal with sort 2 diabetes. This is as a result of the drug, which is ready to scale back up to 17% of physique fats and is on the market at costs starting from R$730 to R$950 in pharmacies in El Salvador, was launched by Anvisa on January 3 for the therapy of obese and weight problems.

“My BMI is over 30, which is a level of weight problems. Until then, my physician solely beneficial a nutritious diet and train as an answer. At the session final week, he prescribed this drug, which was authorized for my case,” says Paula, hoping to maximize the outcomes of health and good diet.

The drug authorized by Anvisa was Wegovy (2.5 mg), which is made with the hormone semaglutide. The begin of its sale in Brazil, nevertheless, has no forecast. Ozempic is used as an alternative, which shares the similar hormone however with decrease efficiency (0.5 or 1.0 mg). Jacqueline Khalil, a health care provider with a postgraduate diploma in endocrinology, sees the approval of the substance as a breakthrough.

“Semaglutide is a part of a category of medicine known as GLP-1 agonists and has been proven to be efficient in roughly 15% of the weight reduction in examine sufferers, virtually twice as a lot as medication in the present class. [liraglutida]. Besides, it has the comfort of being utilized weekly slightly than each day,” he appreciates.

Ozempic is popularly known as a “slimming pen” as a result of it’s a subcutaneous injection. Endocrinologist Osmário Salles celebrates the approval of a drug targeted on obese and weight problems. He factors out that henceforth there is no such thing as a need to prescribe medication for different illnesses only for the aspect impact of weight reduction.

“Until immediately, in the therapy of weight problems, we used the aspect impact of a variety of medication. Medications for despair, seizures, and diabetes that trigger lack of urge for food. Now we now have a drug launched to deal with weight problems,” he says.

How it really works?
Dr. Gabriel Almeida, who has a job targeted on weight reduction and is obsessed with using Ozempic with that focus, explains why the drug is so efficient and the way the substance works in the physique of people that inject it.

“GLP-1 delays gastric emptying. That is, there’s a feeling of satiety. In addition, it acts on the central nervous system, on neurons that scale back urge for food. In addition, some research present that the substance is ready to enhance metabolism,” says Gabriel.

Like different medication, Ozempic has not solely its primary motion. The use causes negative effects, as defined by Osmário Salles, on condition that endocrinologists begin prescribing the drug in smaller doses that enhance over time.

“We enhance it little by little till we attain the ideally suited dose. […] The most typical negative effects are nausea, vomiting and constipation. However, that is achievable with correct follow-up by an endocrinologist who displays the situation of every affected person particularly”, reasoned the physician.
Regarding the use of Ozempic in non-obese individuals, Jacqueline Kalil explains that semaglutide has been used for a number of years for physique fats loss with out being listed on the bundle insert.

“Currently, the official indication is for the therapy of overweight adults [IMC a partir de 30 kg/m²] and obese [IMC a partir de 27kg/m²]. But the physician makes a person judgement, assessing the need and which drug is greatest suited to the affected person’s profile,” says Khalil.

dietary evaluation
The founding father of the Mereço+ weight reduction program, nutritionist Carolina Díaz, claims that weight reduction via the use of medicine might be wholesome, however warns that care should be taken to make sure that this really occurs and that there is no such thing as a indiscriminate consumption.

“If therapy is finished with related medical and dietary monitoring, low doses that enable him to eat wholesome meals for a time frame may very well be attention-grabbing.” This contemplating the weight problems in query”, he assesses.

However, in accordance to the nutritionist, it’s mandatory to perform therapy with the supervision of multiple medical specialty to mix the results of excellent diet, motion and the use, if mandatory, of medicine.

“As I at all times say, treating weight problems wants to be multidisciplinary. The alliance between a health care provider and a nutritionist is important as a result of the primary aim is to combat weight problems. Each affected person has a profile and, if he has to use treatment, he could have to look critically”, she provides.

Ozempic will not be obtainable from SUS in El Salvador. The report sought the Ministry of Health of the State of Bahia (Sesab) to discover out if the substance is a part of the checklist of medicines offered freed from cost. In response, the folder knowledgeable that “all medicines which are a part of the National List of Essential Medicines have their use and allotting regulated by the Ministry of Health”.


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