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Patos de Minas had the first confirmed case of the new smallpox (Monkeypox). The affected person, a person, doesn’t have a deteriorating well being situation and is present process therapy with out the necessity for hospitalization. It ought to be famous that correct monitoring is completed by the Municipal Health Department.

The affirmation was revealed right this moment (21/09) within the SES-MG Epidemiological Bulletin.

According to the Municipal Health Department of Patos de Minas, no different details about the case might be disclosed as a way to protect the confidentiality and individuality of the affected person, in keeping with the General Data Protection Law (LGPD).

In Minas Gerais, there are 450 circumstances unfold all through the state.

See the distribution of circumstances by municipality:

Regarding monkeypox

THE monkeypox it’s a illness transmitted by a virus monkeypoxwhich manifests itself primarily via pores and skin lesions, reminiscent of spots and open sores, along with different signs just like these of the widespread flu, reminiscent of fever and headache.

It is taken into account a low-fatality illness as a result of most circumstances naturally progress to a remedy after 21 days with out the necessity for hospital admission. Infection happens via contact with pores and skin, blood, physique fluids and secretions, reminiscent of saliva and bedding of contaminated folks.

The illness spreads from individual to individual; subsequently, speedy isolation of suspected circumstances is really helpful.

The new smallpox isn’t thought of a sexually transmitted an infection (STI) as a result of it may well infect anybody via shut contact with contaminated people.

Everyone is prone to the virus and the illness could be transmitted via:

  • Contact with the pores and skin of sick folks (reminiscent of a easy contact or hug, for instance);
  • Contact with secretions of sick folks reminiscent of saliva, nasal mucus, physique fluids on the whole, sweat and blood (which could be performed via a kiss for instance);
  • Contact with droplets expelled throughout respiration;
  • Contact by dealing with objects and surfaces contaminated with secretions from sick people, reminiscent of sheets, clothes and loos.

General suggestions:

  • Keep the affected person in isolation, at any time when doable, in a ventilated room and on a separate mattress, additionally preserving a distance of at the very least 1 m from different folks;
  • Wear a masks and shield towards damage to keep away from publicity;
  • Avoid agglomerations reminiscent of events and exhibits;
  • Clean often (greater than as soon as a day) surfaces suspected of contamination, particularly the toilet;
  • Separate, keep away from dealing with and disinfect private clothes, bedclothes and bathtub with scorching water;
  • Wash your fingers usually, particularly earlier than going to the bathroom, cooking or consuming;
  • Use disposable towels or change cloths when damp. If hand washing isn’t doable, use 70% alcohol;
  • Do not share cutlery that have to be washed with scorching water (close to boiling level) and plain cleaning soap. If heated water isn’t out there, an answer containing bleach can be utilized;
  • Properly dispose of contaminated waste reminiscent of masks, bandages and bandages utilizing 2 rubbish baggage;
  • When disposing of trash from contaminated folks, use disposable gloves at any time when doable;
  • Infected or suspected folks ought to keep away from sexual exercise, even with the use of condoms, throughout your entire interval of manifestation of the illness;
  • Persons or professionals who’ve contact with the affected person in isolation at house ought to keep away from touching the affected person’s accidents and, in case of work necessity, use disposable gloves or wash their fingers with cleaning soap and water, earlier than and after contact. The use of a surgical masks can be really helpful, altering them at any time when they’re moist or broken and correctly disinfecting your fingers earlier than and after altering..


Confirmation of the analysis of monkeypox it’s performed solely by laboratory examination, as a result of of the similarity of the signs to these of different widespread illnesses, reminiscent of hen pox and syphilis. Therefore, you will need to search the closest medical middle in case of doubt, for scientific analysis and taking materials for evaluation, along with avoiding contact with different folks. In the primary well being models, the examination is carried out free of cost by the SUS.

There is not any particular therapy for new smallpox, and signs often go away naturally over time. During this era, the affected person ought to maintain the injuries clear and dry and, if vital, take medicine for ache and fever as really helpful by the physician..

With data: SES MG

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