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In his re-election bid, Senator Romario (PL) says he has defended the flags of “folks with disabilities, training and sports activities” from the starting and that he “can’t abandon”. Edilson Rodriguez / Disclosure

Posted on 10/03/2022 10:55 am

Rio – Last Sunday, some sports activities figures joined the controversy. However, the battle was not on the lawns, courts or carpets. The race was for the vote of Brazilian residents. Some achieved their purpose, however the overwhelming majority finally sank and didn’t obtain the anticipated victory.

Of the sports-related names, former striker Romario (PL) was the fundamental winner. Baixinho, who ran for the Senate from Rio de Janeiro, managed to be re-elected with 29.19%. Other necessary names nonetheless apply in the state. Former Flamengo president Eduardo Bandeira de Mello (PSB) additionally achieved his purpose and was finally elected as a federal deputy, receiving 72,680 votes. Apart from the two, former swimmer Luis Lima (PL) was re-elected as a federal deputy with greater than 69,000 votes.

Other necessary figures weren’t so fortunate. Romario’s 1994 World Cup title associate, Bebeto (PSD), did not qualify. The former striker obtained about 25,000 votes, not sufficient to get a seat as a federal MP. So did Joel Santana (Pros), who obtained 2,200 votes. Flamengo’s present vp of soccer, Marcos Braz, obtained 38,566 votes however was not elected as a federal MP.

Another massive winner was Maurício Souza (PL). Cheered on by President Jair Bolsonaro, the Olympic champion obtained 83,000 votes to be elected federal deputy for Minas Gerais. In the identical state, the president of América-MG, Alencar da Silveira Júnior (PDT), was elected state consultant with 60,283 votes.

The present Federal District Senator, former volleyball participant Leila (PDT) did not develop into governor. She obtained solely 4.81% of legitimate votes (79,597). MDB’s Ibanez Rocha was elected with 50.30% (823,633). Another Olympic medalist, Maureen Magee (Republicans) obtained 3,385 votes for federal deputy in Sao Paulo and was not elected. Wanderlei Cordeiro de Lima (Progressives) is working for State Representative in Paraná. But that too was unsuccessful.

Two different massive idols from necessary golf equipment in Brazil achieved their objectives. Former goalkeeper Danrlei (PSD), an excellent champion with Grêmio, obtained 97,824 votes and was re-elected from Rio Grande do Sul to the Federal Chamber. The identical instance was adopted by Bobô, the idol of Bahia. He received 61,422 votes and was re-elected State Representative in Bahia.

See the results of different sports-related names in the polls beneath:

Sao Paulo


Tandara (volleyball) – 1511/MDB – 7412 votes, did not be elected
Diney (former striker) – 7051/Avante – 2532 votes however did not be elected

Minas Gerais


Alexandre Kalil (former supervisor of Atlético-MG) – 55/PSD – 3,804,021 votes however not elected


Ceara do Cruzeiro (former nation) – 1961/Podemos – 6,566 votes however not elected

state deputy

Guilherme – A Fé do Cruzeiro (well-known fan) – 51921/Patriotas – 445 votes however did not be elected
Joao Leyte (former Atlético-MG goalkeeper) – 45777/PSDB – 39,835 votes however was not chosen
Márcia Fu (former volleyball participant) – 44430/União Brasil – 2218 votes however did not be elected

Rio Grande do Sul


Douglas Maestro Pifador (former Gremio midfielder) – 4410/Brazil – 35,538 votes however was not elected
Preto (former Inter goalkeeper) – 1909/Podemos – 2201 votes however not chosen

State consultant

Adriano Chuva (former striker) – 55011/PSD – 1400 votes however did not be elected
Gaúcho da Geral (Gremio fan) – 55555/PSD – chosen with 32,717 votes
Joao Derli (former judoka) – 10,100/Republicans – 14,125 of the votes however was not elected
Marcelo Pitol (former goalkeeper) – 44001/União Brasil – 5343 of the votes however was not chosen



Gilson Kleina – 1168 (Progressives) – 840 votes however did not be elected
Vanderlei Silva – 1188 (Progressives) – 13,907 of the votes however was not elected



Edno Melo (former president of Náutico) – 1011 – Republicans – 3877 votes however did not be elected
Luciano Bivar (former president of Sport) 4444 – União Brasil – elected with 74,425 votes



Robgol (former striker) – 5599 -PSD – 1184 votes however did not be elected


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