The doctor recommends preventive screening for colorectal cancer after the age of 45

revealed on 20/01/2023 03:55

(credit score: Marcelo Ferreira/CB/DA Press)

To analyze the methods to observe colorectal cancer and the way to establish abnormalities in the physique, the CB.Saúde program — a partnership with mail with TV Brazil — acquired yesterday the oncologist Brenda Gumz, specialist in the illness at the Hospital Sírio-Libanês, a unit in the federal capital. In a dialog with journalist Carmen Souza, the doctor talked about the prejudices surrounding colonoscopy. The check makes it simpler to trace a tumor in the physique earlier than it will get worse. “Loads of folks ignore it and put it off for later, considering it is harmful. But it is vitally vital, efficient and therapeutic,” she mentioned.

Faced with well-known individuals who have developed colorectal cancer, comparable to (*45*) and Roberto Dynamite – who not too long ago died because of this of the illness – and singer Preta Gill, the well being skilled knowledgeable that the best time to start out prevention is from the age of 45 and this is applicable for each women and men. “When you discover a polyp in a colonoscopy, in the identical examination the doctor can take away it and ship it for a biopsy, and that may be healing. That polyp comes out entire, goes to the pathologist for analysis, and also you nip it in the bud,” Brenda assures.

The oncologist means that the affected person consider with the doctor the periodization of examinations based on danger components for the illness comparable to weight problems and smoking. According to the National Cancer Institute (Inca), colorectal cancer is the third most typical in Brazil. In DF, it’s estimated that a median of two instances per day shall be recognized this 12 months.

Brenda says as a result of of the improve in instances, it is vital to give attention to prevention. “For those that are 45 years previous who haven’t but had a colonoscopy, I urge them to go for the examination. It’s a boring preparation, nevertheless it’s actually value it. It leaves the affected person with the lesion being handled,” he encourages.

A nutritious diet wealthy in fiber, fruit and animal protein can be important to stop the illness. Colorectal tumor often arises in the glands of the lining of the massive gut. The skilled says that on this area the physique absorbs water from the fecal cake and this tissue has contact with every part our physique absorbs from meals. “We need to watch out with what we eat as a result of there may be fiber that sticks to substances that in the end defend us from these poisonous substances that we ingest. The means is to keep away from extreme consumption of fats and ultra-processed meals. Balance is an efficient phrase,” he concludes.

Faced with Inca’s prediction that Brazil ought to register 46,000 folks with a optimistic prognosis of colorectal cancer this 12 months, Brenda reminds that being recognized with the illness is way from a loss of life sentence. “We have 80% to 90% tumor treatment and that is superb. I ask folks to not be afraid to go to the doctor, to not be afraid of surgical procedure, as a result of what we have now as we speak in the evolution of the illness brings a treatment for most individuals with the prognosis,” he notes.


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