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The Falcon Heavy rocket flies for the 5th time on the USSF-67 military mission

The Falcon Heavy rocket was used to launch the USSF-67 mission of the US Space Force. A military satellite tv for pc and 5 different payloads had been on board.

Jan 16
– 12:48 am

(up to date at 1:04 p.m.)

This Sunday (15), SpaceX launched the United States Space Force’s USSF-67 mission with a Falcon Heavy rocket. The car left Platform 39A at the Kennedy Space Center at 19:56 Brazilian time, carrying varied payloads to Earth’s geostationary orbit.

Photo: SpaceX by way of Twitter / Canaltech

The rocket’s facet thrusters separated about two and a half minutes after launch; 4 minutes into the mission, the Falcon Heavy’s second stage separated from the heart stage. Approximately eight and a half minutes after the rocket left the platform, the facet engines returned to the floor.

The rocket’s important stage was ejected into the Atlantic Ocean and was not recovered as a result of mission necessities didn’t embody ample gasoline to return the element to Earth. SpaceX ended the broadcast after the boosters landed and, at the request of the US authorities, didn’t present photos of the payload and the second stage.

About six hours after launch, the Space Systems Command confirmed the success of the mission. “We had one other unbelievable launch in the present day with the Falcon Heavy,” stated Major General Stephen Purdy. The thruster landings characterize SpaceX’s 163rd and 164th profitable recoveries, which is able to put together them for future missions.

In this mission, the main payload was the Continuously Expanded Broadcast SATCOM (CBAS)-2 communications satellite tv for pc utilized by the Space Force to transmit information from different satellites. Another “passenger” on board was the Long Duration Propulsive ESPA, a payload adapter that carried 5 military payloads; two had been Space Systems Command small satellites, and the relaxation had been developed by the Office of Space Rapid Capabilities.

USSF-67 is the first nationwide safety mission launched this yr by the US Space Force, and can be the car’s fifth flight. Considered one among the strongest rockets in operation in the world, the Falcon Heavy is especially utilized in authorities mission launches, whereas most satellite tv for pc operators undertake extra economical choices for their launches.

You can watch the full broadcast of the launch beneath:


Source: Via: SpaceInformation

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