The Ministry of Health cancels regulations on abortions, the People’s Pharmacy, etc

A complete of six regulations of Jair Bolsonaro’s (PL) management have been revoked

Jan 16
– 2:55 p.m

(up to date at 15:47)

Health repeals abortion regulations, popular pharmacy, and more

Health repeals abortion regulations, widespread pharmacy, and extra

Photo: Jefferson Rudy/Agência Senado/Estadão

The Ministry of Health revoked this Monday, the sixteenth, six regulations from the earlier administration that handled abortion, the withdrawal of medication from the People’s Pharmacy and different points. According to the portfolio, the purpose is “gone insurance policies opposite to Unified Health System (SUS) pointers.”

The problem has already been addressed by the Minister of Health, Nicia Trindade, at a press convention final week. “We have spoken to Conass and Conasems, as it’s at all times necessary when repealing a measure that there isn’t a void that leaves the governor with out. These cancellations embody measures and not using a scientific foundation, with out authorized assist, which contradict the ideas of the SUS,” he careworn.

In a memo, the folder justified that every one the repealed regulations weren’t agreed with representatives of the National Council of Health Secretaries (Conass) and the National Council of Municipal Health Secretaries (Conasems). “The lack of transparency, dialogue and joint definitions between the Union, states and municipalities is in full contradiction to the primary ideas of the SUS, which outline the shared administration of the Brazilian well being system,” he reported.

Among the withdrawals is Ordinance GM/MS No. 2561 of September 23, 2020, which states the want for physician who stories the abortion to the accountable police authority. The textual content additionally emphasizes that it’s essential to protect doable bodily proof of the crime of rape, akin to fragments of the embryo or fetus. This ordinance, in accordance with Saúde, promotes “regressions in ladies’s reproductive and sexual well being care and proposes actions and maneuvers which are thought-about obstetric violence, with adjustments to the ebook of the pregnant lady”.

Another necessary change was the removing of the obligation to submit an digital prescription to withdraw medication from the Popular Pharmacy program. The measure could make it harder for half of the inhabitants to entry medicines, as justified by the portfolio.

See the repealed ordinances beneath:

  1. GM/MS Ordinance No. 4,809of December 30, 2022, which “Establishes the Permanent Forum for Articulation with Civil Society”;
  2. GM/MS Ordinance No. 1,079of May 11, 2022, with which “Officializes and introduces nationwide applications for the prevention and early detection of most cancers, inside the framework of the National Policy for the Prevention and Control of Cancer”;
  3. GM/MS Ordinance No. 2,561of September 23, 2020, which “Decides on the process for justifying and authorizing termination of being pregnant in the instances supplied for by legislation, from the scope of the Unified Health System-SZS”;
  4. GM/MS Regulation No. 3473of September 12, 2022, which “Amends GM/MS Consolidation Ordinance No. 5 of September 28, 2017, to offer for the Technical Advisory Board on Immunization, and makes different provisions”;
  5. Ordinance RM/MS No. 715of April 4, 2022, which “Amends GM/MS Consolidation Ordinance No. 3 of September 28, 2017 on the institution of the Mother and Child Care Network (Rami)”;
  6. GM/MS Ordinance No. 2,228of July 1, 2022, by which “Amends the Ordinance on Cogeneration GM/MS No. Network for Maternal and Child Care (RAMI)”.

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