The six Portuguese remain in contention at the ISA World Games, all chasing two Olympic spots

Frederico Morais, Guillermo Ribeiro and Francisca Veselko topped Wednesday’s repechage at the International Surfing Association (ISA) World Games in Huntington Beach, United States.

Kikas and Guillerme Ribeiro are in the sixth spherical of the repechage, which runs alongside the important body, which options Guillerme Fonseca, Yolanda Hopkins and Teresa Bonvallo, and “Kika” Veselko in the fifth, in the ladies’s.

Guillermo Ribeiro topped the third spherical with 15.53 factors – the finest results of the tie – and joined Frederico Morais in the fourth in which each gained their it heats upwith 12.13 factors from Ribeiro and 12.46 from Morais.

The two returned to the water to compete in the fifth spherical, in which Guillerme Ribeiro gained the fourth warmth with 11.76 factors, beating Canada’s Willer Hasburg (11.27) and Germany’s Dylan Grohn (0.47), and Frederico Morais was fifth with 14.37, beating the Japanese Keanu Kamiyama (13.6) and Britain’s Patrick Langdon-Dark (8.4).

In the sixth spherical, Guillermo Ribeiro will face Costa Rica’s Malakai Martinez and Indonesia’s Ketut Agus in the fourth warmth, whereas Frederico Morais will face France’s Michimana Braye and Joshua Burke of Barbados in the subsequent.

In the ladies’s repechage, Kika Veselko scored 11 factors to beat Germany’s Noah Klapp (10.97), Puerto Rico’s Mia Calderon (7.7) and China’s Shuge Jiang (7.33), making certain her presence in the fifth spherical, towards China’s Siki Yang, Chelsea Tuach, Barbados and Arena Rodriguez of Peru, in fourth place warmth.

Guilherme Fonseca, Yolanda Hopkins and Teresa Bonvallo didn’t compete on Wednesday, the repechage day, however they may nonetheless play in the quarterfinals of the ISA World Games, which provides an Olympic berth to the staff that wins the males’s and girls’s staff classifications.

In the fifth spherical two it heats up The 25-year-old surfer from Peniche will as soon as once more face Santiago Muniz, Brazil’s Jadson Andre and Japan’s Kanoa Igarashi, the Tokyo 2020 Olympic runner-up.

In the ladies’s important draw, Bonvalo, a 2021 World Cup bronze medalist, will face Ecuador’s Dominique Barona, Canada’s Mattea Dempfle-Olin and France’s Pauline Addot in the second warmthwhereas Hopkins, final yr’s world runner-up, will face France’s Vahine Fierro, North American Kira Pinkerton and Japan’s Amuro Tsuzuki in the fourth spherical, additionally two it heats up at the remaining.

Portugal is preventing for a primary ISA World Surfing Games world title and the first two Olympic spots in the competitors, which runs in California till Saturday.

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