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The solar storm will hit Earth and unleash light shows in several countries

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revealed on 17/01/2023 15:02

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Last Sunday (15/1), the Space Agency (NASA) confirmed {that a} solar storm will hit Earth on January 19. According to the company, the consequences of the phenomenon will begin to be felt from Wednesday (18), additionally predicting a doable aurora for sure locations in the center latitudes.

On January 14, the magnetic subject strains round a brand new sunspot recognized as AR3182 found by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory have already exploded, releasing a coronal mass ejection (CME). High-velocity plasma from the solar is at the moment passing by way of the internal solar system towards Earth.

Most of the CME will not attain our planet, however the wave of particles will move by way of Earth over the subsequent few days, and its results will be felt primarily on Thursday, January 19 and Friday, January 20.

Some adjustments in the house climate across the Earth can already be observed at this time. The enhance in charged particles will result in elevated auroral exercise on all three days.

Specifically in Brazil, the phenomenon can’t be felt. Visibility of the Aurora Australis will be doable in northern Tasmania and the South Island of New Zealand. The a part of Antarctica that will expertise nights right now of yr will have the perfect present.

In the United States, the Northern Lights will be seen simply on the horizon south of Seattle, Des Moines, Chicago, Cleveland, and Boston. In Europe, they are often seen on the horizon in northern England and Denmark. Anywhere north of those locations ought to have some form of light present.


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