Ultrasound reveals hair and teeth in tiktoker tumor

A video of a younger lady named Drielly Arruda went viral on TikTok after she revealed a prognosis that was terrifying to say the least: tufts of hair and teeth had been rising in her ovary. His physician defined that it was a tumor referred to as a dermoid cyst or teratoma.

This tumor is characterised by the expansion of regular tissue in a pocket of cells. This development can develop bones, nerves, pores and skin, sweat glands — or, as in Drielly’s case, teeth and hair.

Credit: Play/tiktok/drielyarrudaThe ovarian tumor developed with tooth and hair

In the video, which has greater than 22.5 million views on TikTok, she says that she suffered from extreme cramps for years and needed to go to the hospital nearly each month for intravenous medicine.

“I all the time had just a few routine checkups and they all the time mentioned I used to be advantageous,” she mentioned. The prognosis got here solely with the change of the gynecologist, who after additional assessments found the teratoma.

The tumor was benign and she had surgical procedure in 2014. “I had a c-section, they opened me up there and she mentioned, ‘Look, that is the place you are going to lose your ovary.’ I mentioned, ‘Okay, take it off,'” she recalled in the video.

ovarian tumor

Credit: Play/tiktok/drielyarrudaA mature teratoma is normally composed of a number of totally different tissues

How do teratomas kind?

A teratoma is a tumor, nearly all the time benign, that normally originates in the germ cells of the ovaries and additionally in the testes, that are the cells that give rise to eggs and sperm. But they’ll additionally seem in different elements of the physique, such because the mediastinum (the realm of ​​the chest between the lungs) and even the tailbone.

Some kind throughout fetal growth in the womb, however will not be found till maturity. The reason behind teratomas remains to be unknown.

According to the Sabará Children’s Hospital, they’re usually related to various hereditary defects that have an effect on the central nervous system, the genitourinary tract and the decrease backbone.

A mature teratoma is normally composed of a number of totally different tissues and could embrace pores and skin, hair, teeth, sebaceous glands, pores and skin, and tissues of varied organs, together with the urinary tract, gastrointestinal system, nervous system, and lungs.

Treatment includes surgical elimination. When they’re malignant, they could require chemotherapy, radiation, or different most cancers therapies.


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