University hospital workers have been on strike across the country since Wednesday

With an official notice, the members of Sindserh-PB (Union of Workers of the Public Hospital Services Company of Paraíba), introduced this Monday (19/09) that there shall be a common strike by the workers who make up this union in all the college hospitals of the state , a transfer being repeated at different hospitals in Brazil, in line with the memo.

“SINDSERH-PB, legally established and registered below CNPJ: 24.521.787/0001-03, consultant of EBSERH workers in the University Hospitals of the State of Paraiba, in the Cajazeiras (HUJB), Campina Grande (HUAC) and João Pessoa (HULW) items , hereby informs that on September 02 and 05, 2022, the workers attending the extraordinary common conferences organized by SINDSERH-PB, in the cities of João Pessoa, Campina Grande and Cajazeiras, a choice was taken to fully droop actions along with different entities from the next degree, who’re negotiating with EBSERH, and the class unanimously decided the suspension of actions scheduled to start on September 21, 2022. The motion shall be carried out with all safety measures, with out inflicting crowding and making certain the security of workers . Therefore, we, the representatives of the workers of EBSERH in Paraíba, come to tell the shoppers and the group that from 21/09 we’ll begin a whole suspension of actions at the nationwide degree,” reads an excerpt from the notice of SINDSERH-PB.

At one other level, union consultant Adriano commented on the present federal authorities’s neglect of those workers. “The management of EBSERH in the Bolsonaro authorities doesn’t wish to negotiate with the workers, apart from harassment, persecution of union leaders, unjustified wage concessions, and the director of individuals administration, Rodrigo Barbosa, knowledgeable the topics that in his administration he gained Not irresponsible in negotiations for one thing that can’t, however the government board’s personal salaries elevated final month. Super outdated meals support! We labored in the pandemic with the inhabitants of Alagoas, it was a spectacle, we saved everybody, of the 89 sufferers who got here, just one didn’t survive, so we acted strongly in help of this area that suffered from the lack of O2, however even thanks. General Osvaldo, president of EBSERH, thanked him,” says Adriano Furtado Lima of the Sindserhpb administration and coordination of alliance operations.

See the announcement and the proportion of servers that can legally go on strike beginning subsequent Wednesday (09/21).

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