What changes in the body after menstruation stops?

“Aren’t you afraid to interrupt the pure course of?” That’s the query Gabriela Dorado, 36, hears most frequently when she discusses it with different girls who have not had a interval in greater than a decade. The interruption was as a result of the contraceptive strategies she selected to make use of not too long ago – first the tablet, then the hormonal IUD.

Despite the sentence, the journalist who lives in Fortaleza (CE) doesn’t remorse the choice. “I do not wish to undergo, I do not wish to be in ache, I do not wish to have days of the month the place I really feel unhealthy simply to reside as much as this sexist expectation that ladies put up with every thing and maintain quiet,” he assured.

She, who began utilizing the tablet at 21 – each to stop being pregnant and to scale back colic and PMS – switched to the IUD six years in the past, discovering it a safer and extra sensible technique. “I’ve at all times been very afraid of getting pregnant and having the ability to neglect the tablet gave me a little bit of safety, one thing that even affected my intercourse life as a result of I could not loosen up with my accomplice,” she says.

After a lot analysis, Gabriella realized that mascara would finest swimsuit her wants. “Most docs did not even provide it as a way, so I researched an expert myself and requested for the app,” he recollects. Today, she managed to discover a gynecologist with whom she feels protected and screens her well being. Since selecting the IUD, her solely aspect impact has been cramping for a couple of days after implantation.

“I don’t help the concept that each lady ought to cease menstruating. Women do not “have” to do something. But we should have the alternative. to adapt to any actuality,” he says.

Since she began altering contraception tablets, Jessica has had no extra bleeding

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Yesica Sales, 32, lives in Niterói (RJ), works as an administrative assistant and has additionally not had a interval for ten years. “When I began menstruating, at the age of 13, I had a variety of issues. I handed out in ache, a sensation that shot up my tailbone and legs. It was unregulated, profuse bleeding that lasted for a lot of days,” he recalled.

The gynecologist then really useful that she begin taking contraceptives to stop endometriosis. “Initially I took a break, however I nonetheless had cramps. After that, once I began correcting the charts, I had no extra signs,” he says. Even the commonest complaints, akin to weight achieve and lack of libido, Jesica ensures that he has not felt them till at the moment.

“There was a section the place many individuals began speaking about the dangers of hormones on social media. I bought anxious and known as my gynecologist. She defined to me that in my case it will not be indicated to take tablets. I trusted the analysis, I do know my analysis is updated, so I do not remorse it,” he sums up.

Like them, many individuals don’t think about the menstrual cycle as essential to sustaining a reference to their very own body. On the opposite: for a serving, something involving menstruation is taken into account uncomfortable — from the first indicators of PMS to cramps and bloating. So they select to cease the cycle.

There are nonetheless people who find themselves not so bothered by the signs, however should resort to hormonal strategies to deal with illnesses – a course of that may final for years. However, as with Gabriella, the concern continues to boost questions.

Find out beneath how the break occurs, who it’s indicated for, the dangers concerned and what changes in the body after the interval stops.

Why does menstruation happen?

Gabriela Rezende, member of the nationwide fee of endocrine gynecology at Febrasgo (Brazilian Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics Associations), explains that it’s pure for ladies of reproductive age to have common intervals at intervals of 24 to 38 days.

This occurs as a result of the endometrium (tissue positioned inside the uterus) is getting ready to obtain an embryo. When the body doesn’t develop into pregnant, the layer, which has develop into thick and stuffed with blood vessels, peels off.

How to cease menstruation?

This interruption may be completed by means of hormone drugs: contraception tablets, injectable contraceptive strategies (akin to a trimester injection or subcutaneous implant), or intrauterine gadgets (IUDs).

All of them result in atrophy of the endometrium. “The tissue may be very skinny, so there is no such thing as a main bleeding: at most there’s a lighter bleeding that isn’t configured as a interval,” he factors out.

Who spoils the menstrual contraceptive packaging?

The reply is not any. “Only those that don’t use contraceptive strategies or use ones that don’t intervene with the endometrium, akin to male or feminine condoms, menstruate. Those who take tablets block the ovulation course of and atrophy the tissue,” he explains.

What occurs, nevertheless, is that some packs include placebo tablets that must be used for 4 to 7 days. “It reduces the hormones just a little and permits the uterus to shed just a little, however not in the pure manner. That’s why the bleeding is named synthetic,” he explains.

Is it harmful to cease menstruating?

As with the administration of different medicine, hormonal contraceptives have negative effects which will or might not happen. “These results rely on which hormones are administered (estrogen or progesterone) and whether or not they’re artificial or not. But in common, a few of them may cause nausea, complications and abdomen pains, swelling and swelling of the legs and bleeding. escape” , factors out he.

If used long-term, contraceptives that comprise estrogen improve the danger of thrombosis. “It is often a uncommon occasion, however it is suggested that the gynecologist examine the historical past of every affected person earlier than prescribing the drug,” he factors out.

Is it unhealthy to cease your interval for a very long time?

The physician explains that contraceptive strategies have a length in the body and that when interrupted the body works usually once more. “What typically occurs is that ladies begin taking the tablet too early. Then after they cease taking it, they do not know how the body works with no contraceptive impact,” he reasoned.

This is why many could also be troubled by cramping, heavy discharge or cycle irregularities after they cease utilizing the contraceptive: over time, the traits of their interval have modified – however as a result of their cycle has blocked, they haven’t observed these variations. The physician additionally ensures that the use of contraceptives doesn’t intervene with fertility.

Who can cease menstruation?

If a lady is wholesome, has no menstrual problems or irregular bleeding, however nonetheless desires to cease menstruation, she will be able to accomplish that.

“This is a private choice that should be taken along with the gynecologist, ideally in an in-depth dialog. It should be recognized if the affected person has any illness, if she makes use of different medicine, if she has had an operation, if she has addictions, a historical past of most cancers, thrombosis , a coronary heart assault or stroke in the household, when was your first interval, how are your cycles, your life-style and your sexual habits,” factors out Gabriela.

With this data, plus the medical examination, the physician can assess whether or not there may be any contraindication to stopping menstruation. If there are not any obstacles and the affected person is conscious of the related dangers and advantages, the technique could also be indicated.

In addition, girls who are suffering from anemia, who’ve polyps or fibroids, or who are suffering from illnesses akin to adenomyosis, might obtain, as a part of the remedy, a sign to cease menstruation.

Why, even with PMS and cramps, do many ladies choose menstruation?

In addition to the worry of negative effects, the gynecologist recollects that Brazilian girls have a cultural reference to menstruation. “Many folks affiliate blood circulation with the concept of ​​cleaning the body. Others really feel safer after they see it as a result of they know they don’t seem to be pregnant. There can also be a reference to the body: for some girls, it’s a momentary reflection, a self-observation. Therefore, the choice to proceed menstruation ought to take note of beliefs, perceptions, career and different elements apart from the bodily situation of the lady,” she summarizes.

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