“What family are they defending?”

In a state of affairs the place few footballers have been political, Tottenham’s Lucas Moura has introduced his help for the re-election of President Jair Bolsonaro (PL), saying he’s a conservative who defends Christian and family rules. At the premiere of this system two faucetsCasagrande and Millie Lacombe touch upon the participant’s assertion and query which family he’s defending.

Millie says the muse of the family many cite as a super is hypocrisy, typically stymied by homophobia, hierarchy and racism. Casagrande additionally questions and emphasizes that it’s not sufficient to say that he’s defending the family when in follow there’s oppression.

“There is all the time a speech in protection of the family, what’s the family, this conventional family? the family has a face, a coloration, a sexuality and primarily a hierarchy. In this family, the person instructions, the girl obeys and the kid can solely be heterosexual .. This family has a father , mom and kids who additionally obey. The Brazilian will not be that, that family would not actually exist,” says Millie.

“I want to know what his conduct is in his personal family, is that this the identical family that protects Bolsonaro? Because the individual can come and “I defend the family”. OK, I settle for, clarify his relationship together with his family. How is it going inside your home? How is your conduct, that of your spouse and your youngsters? How it really works? Because within the Bolsonaro family we all know the way it works, it’s shouting, insulting ladies, threats, there are racist strains, homophobic, that is the family that Bolsonaro protects. Is this the identical family that Lucas Moura is defending?” Casagrande asks.

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Casagrande: Corinthian democracy left no legacy

One of the historic groups of Brazilian soccer was Democracia Corinthiana, which had Casagrande, Sócrates and Wladimir, a motion that went past the pitch, participating politically towards the army dictatorship in Brazil. Casagrande says he is all the time referred to in worldwide interviews concerning the group, however would not see an echo these days.

“She did not depart a legacy as a result of folks will speak about Corinthian Democracy, they will discuss concerning the present Democracy and they will speak about gamers who did not take a place yesterday searching for the identical guys from Corinthian Democracy. Journalists will catch us from Corinthian Democracy there, since 1985, which Corinthian Democracy ended, till right this moment there’s a democratic vacuum inside Brazilian soccer, it is throughout, soccer has returned to its previous conduct”.

Casagrande: They riot with comics, not rape

Two former gamers of the Brazilian volleyball group attracted consideration with posts by which they criticized the comedian for a homosexual kiss between the son of Superman and the animated pig Peppa. Casagrande has commented on episodes of homophobia without having the identical outrage as instances akin to Robinho, who was sentenced to 9 years in jail for rape in Italy however is serving no sentence in Brazil.

“You know what the massive drawback with this homophobic group has been for some time now? Cartoons and comics, this can be a major problem, we have to analyze it. Superman’s son’s homosexual kiss created a major problem in Superman’s head. Mauricio Sousa, he was offended about it, he would not riot, for instance, with a gun on the street, the blokes who kill different folks, he would not riot, with Robinho sentenced to 9 years in jail in Italy for rape and strolling on the seaside, it would not upset Mauricio Souza, it would not upset Tandara”.

Millie Lacombe: The violence in Brazil did not occur in a single day

Journalist Vera Magalhães was intimidated by Rep. Douglas García (Republicans) after the talk for governor of the state of São Paulo organized by Folha de S.Paulo, TV Cultura and UOL final Tuesday (13). Millie Lacombe attracts consideration to the escalation of violence in Brazilian politics, emphasizing that the present stage is because of the lack of measures in episodes which have occurred lately.

“Bolsonaro within the corridor’s inexperienced room informed deputy Maria do Rosario ‘simply do not rape you since you do not deserve it’ and nothing occurred to him.” (?) We ought to have spoken there, an individual like him has that the purge from public life is over, there is no such thing as a dialogue, there is no such thing as a solution to have a dialogue with those that glorify rape. We did not do this and now Vera Magalaes has grow to be an offensive goal for Bolsonaro, so we’ve to provide her all of the solidarity on the planet, you may’t do this, all of the respect, solidarity, power, as a result of it is exhausting so that you can be a goal,” he concludes he.

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