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Last Thursday (29), Danny Russo stated on his Instagram that it was hospitalized for remedy of signs of speedy thinking syndromea situation that has already triggered her to be hospitalized on different events.

The YouTuber has been residing with the disorder since 2021 and opened up to her followers about what she went by.

“Before I am going to mattress I get so stressed that I really feel nauseous and sick and throw up. My nervousness causes this. I’ve these extreme assaults each three months. It’s been a yr since I went to the hospital with the similar signs.”

The syndrome was just lately described by the psychiatrist Augusto Curie, and though it is not thought-about a illness, the signs do exist and are dangerous.

“The syndrome is recognized when the thoughts is full of ideas all the time a particular person is awake, which leads to issue concentrating, elevated nervousness and compromised bodily and psychological well being,” explains psychiatrist Sônia Palma of BP – The Portuguese Beneficence of São Paulo.

The situation is not but current in manuals for the classification of illnesses or psychiatric problems, however it may well happen, for instance, in individuals with psychological problems.

The specialist says that “this is a new idea, however it may be each a differential analysis and be included in the symptomatological image of nervousness and despair”.

Psychiatrist and psychotherapist Wimer Bottura, member of the Brazilian Psychiatric Association, explains that this is as a result of the syndrome is a set of signs that will also be on the spectrum of hypomania, bipolar or probably even ADHD (consideration deficit hyperactivity disorder).

“When I speak about a spectrum, I do not imply it is precisely that, but it surely’s half of it. Such issues might be attributable to a number of features,” emphasizes Bottura.

The disorder might be one of the first indicators of one other undiagnosed situation, because it acts as a “prodromal symptom – it is what occurs to the illness earlier than it is extensive open,” the physician explains.

“From a psychotherapist’s level of view, behind this query there is usually a very huge ambition, a very huge self-importance. Often, for instance, somebody acquires brilliance, social or skilled, very huge and can’t disappoint individuals, so in the finish she will get overworked, deprives herself of relaxation, as a result of someway success is stimulating, it brings again this nervousness”, provides the psychiatrist.

The professional provides that the seek for admiration is “as addictive as cocaine”. However, there comes a level when one loses management so as not to disappoint the expectations of others, and that level turns into dangerous.

Constant stress, working with targets, extreme connectivity and extreme use of social media are additionally amongst the components that might be thought-about triggers for the syndrome.


Sonya explains that the most important symptom of the situation is the feeling that a particular person has that the interval of 24 hours, that is, a entire day, is not sufficient to do the duties that he wants.

“Irritability, diminished focus, feeling like you possibly can’t get sufficient relaxation, stressed sleep, nervousness, temper swings, fixed dissatisfaction can happen. hair, rashes [coceiras]aside from gastrointestinal signs”, stories the psychiatrist.

The syndrome subsequently reduces the particular person’s high quality of life and should even trigger sleep disturbances.

“From a psychiatric level of view, there is a want for constant drug intervention – the particular person has to take medicine for a very long time – as a result of there is usually underdiagnosed or undiagnosed despair and it manifests itself in the kind of nervousness, agitation. is additionally due to sleep deprivation,” warns Bottura.

When a particular person is recognized with nervousness and despair, they want a new psychiatric analysis to probably start remedy and psychotherapy.

Sônia says that Dani Russo’s case is thought-about excessive due to the repeated hospitalizations, as early interventions are usually adequate to restrict the development of the situation.

Others who’re uncovered to the syndrome are “college students who spend a lot of time in the classroom (full faculties and preschools) and individuals who work below a lot of strain to obtain outcomes – bankers, academics.”

For Bottura, the set off is additionally “in the particular person’s character, a sense of lack of acceptance, a very huge ambition, a very huge self-importance, they’ve emotions behind it and make the particular person weak. She feels admiration in the social surroundings, which feeds again a downside and there comes a time when the particular person loses management over the state of affairs”.


According to Sônia, the first step is to be recognized by a medical specialist – a psychiatrist and/or psychologist.

“Treatment usually includes rest methods (respiration methods, mindfulness meditation [exercícios de atenção plena]), bodily train, altering hectic routines with breaks throughout work. Improved sleeping habits and wholesome consuming too,” says the psychiatrist.

The specialist additionally recommends that the affected person select a passion, resembling studying and guide work.

“Treatment should be very cautious, it can not take away the creativity and spontaneity of the particular person. Possibly such a particular person can not change his behavior, nor meditate, when he exceeds a sure stage, he’ll actually need drugs, very intensive psychotherapeutic comply with-up, you should have to be taught to worth your self greater than admiration, which is a lure,” concludes Bottura.

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