Why not mix alcohol and medicine?

If you are a kind of individuals who exit so much on the weekends to drink with mates, even while you’re sick, you’ve got in all probability heard somebody say “ingesting drugs does not assist, you possibly can chill out” or one thing like that.

However, this sentence is not solely utterly improper, but additionally harmful. The consumption of alcohol, regardless of how small it’s, blended with some medicine, could cause varied hurt to the human physique and is not beneficial in any respect. See within the following paragraphs that are the largest dangers!

congested liver

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As quickly as we take a drugs by mouth, it first goes to our abdomen. There it is going to be transported to the liver the place it is going to be metabolized and damaged down earlier than coming into the bloodstream. Obviously, every drug has a beneficial dosage, contemplating how a lot our liver can deal with it.

Alcohol, in flip, can be damaged down within the liver. This signifies that if we eat alcohol and treatment on the similar time, it may possibly have an effect on how a lot of the treatment is metabolized by our physique. In different phrases, ingesting—even only a glass of beer—could make your drugs much less efficient.

Drugs which are not simply metabolized are much more of an issue, as alcohol consumption can result in a a lot bigger dose than beforehand anticipated. And this could result in an overdose. Logically, these drug interactions rely upon a number of elements, however each human being is uncovered to the potential penalties.

The most harmful drug

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Basically, many of the medicine we take have some type of interplay with alcohol – whether or not it entails a prescription or not. For instance, medicine that depress the central nervous system to cut back agitation can have a double impact, added to the slowing impact of alcohol, making an individual drowsy, slowing respiratory and coronary heart charge.

In the case of medicine reminiscent of zolpidem, which facilitates sleep however has excessive uncomfortable side effects, mixing with alcohol can additional improve the consequences. In sure instances, the person could eat, drive or stroll whereas sleeping, placing themselves in danger.

Some myths about medicine and alcohol are that it’s not potential to drink whereas taking contraception tablets. However, that is an absurd lie, as alcoholic drinks do not immediately have an effect on how contraception works. In addition, there are normally no strict prohibitions on ingesting alcohol whereas taking an antibiotic – excluding metronidazole and linezolid.

In any case, if you’re sick and want robust medicine to cut back the signs, it’s best to respect your physique’s restrict, depart the drink for a number of days and stop the state of affairs from getting worse. Understood?

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