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The affected person has an amputated arm, however doesn’t know what brought on the lack of the limbPersonal archive

Published on 16/01/2023 14:36 ​​| Updated on 01/16/2023 6:26 p.m

Rio, a 24-year-old girl recognized as Glace Kelly, had her left arm and wrist amputated after she went to the hospital to give birth. According to the sufferer’s lawyer, the reason for the amputation remains to be a thriller to the household. Civil police are investigating the case.

Glace Kelly was 39 weeks pregnant when she was admitted to the Hospital da Mulher Intermédica de Jacarepaguá, in the western zone of Rio, on October 9 final yr. The child was born the subsequent day in a standard and fully wholesome supply, however in the course of the process the sufferer suffered inside bleeding. To attempt to cease the bleeding, the medical crew made a venous entry by way of the affected person’s arm.

“Glace Kelly went on the supply desk to give birth to her third baby, a standard birth and it was a hit, the kid was born wholesome, however there was bleeding, hemorrhaging that they could not cease. So they did an IV and began placing loads of medicine in there to attempt to cease the bleeding. But what we perceive is that this entry got here out of her vein and started to swell in her arm, inflicting ache and swelling, and it turned purple,” mentioned lawyer Monalisa Gagno.

Monalisa additionally experiences that even with the household’s pleas, the medical unit didn’t attempt to discover out what brought on the swelling in Glace Kelly’s hand.

“They put a Bakri balloon, which is in the lady’s cervix, to attempt to cease the bleeding. They have been involved concerning the bleeding and not involved concerning the venous entry, which finally left the vein and brought on necrosis in her arm, inflicting her to lose her penis and 4 fingers above the wrist.”

The younger girl was even transferred to a second well being unit of the identical hospital community, this time in São Gonzalo, in the capital area. There, Glace was admitted to CTI and had her limb amputated. Since then, in accordance to Monalisa, the sufferer has not obtained any assist from the hospital and the amputated limb has disappeared.

“To this present day we’ve got no contact from the hospital, no reply as to what really occurred. There was no investigation, nobody defined it to the household, neither throughout nor earlier than the operation. At no time was there any rationalization from them. and the medical doctors, who handled her for what occurred with each the hemorrhage and the lack of the limb,” he identified.

When questioned, the division claimed that the hand could be despatched for exams, however in accordance to Monalisa, members of the family haven’t obtained any new info. In addition, the younger girl had to be hospitalized once more and bear one other operation months after giving birth and shedding her arm, again in December, due to an alleged medical error.

“Now, in mid-December, she began bleeding and went again to the clinic. When she bought to the ward, the physician learn her in once more as a result of that they had forgotten a part of the placenta inside her. Glacy nonetheless had to bear a brand new process due to it,” mentioned.

According to Monalisa, the one help supplied by the hospital was to provide house look after altering bandages. “The care she was getting was when her arm was left open as a result of in the amputation, in the half that was left of her arm, there was an incision up to the elbow, roughly, and it was uncovered, open. she got here house and wanted a bandage, there was a home assist right here at house to bandage her arm. Other than that, no help”.

What do the hospital say?

In a press release, the Intermedical Women’s Hospital of Jacarepaguá declared that it “stands in full solidarity with the sufferer and deeply regrets what occurred. Therefore, it has requested the Medical Ethics Committee to coordinate these works. The essential clarifications have been made.”

According to the Civil Police, the case was registered as intentional bodily damage in the forty first DP (Tank). Witnesses are examined and medical paperwork are requested to make clear the case.


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